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OD12mm L3000mm Thermic Lance Shinto thermic lance for cutting slag

EAF & converter blowing thermal lance thermal lancing rod Lance pipe is used for blowing in steelmaking, it is made of steel pipe with inside & outside surface calorized & ceramic coated,due to the user's requirement for low consumption, high...
Main Item thermal lance oxygen lance
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Thermal lance

Thermal Lance Thermal lance also named thermic lance, oxygen lance, cutting lance or burning bar, etc. It creates a high temperature at least 3600 ℃ when burned along with oxygen. The far end of the tube is pre-heated and lit by an oxyacetylene...
Main Item copper mould tube, cast iron and steel roll
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Thermic Lance Pipe 16 Cutting

A Thermal Lance, thermic lance, oxygen lance, or burning bar is a tool that heats and melts steel in the presence of pressurized oxygen to create the very high temperatures (≥3600℃)required for cutting. It consists of a long steel tube packed with...
Main Item Thermic Lance Pipe, Oxygen Lance Pipe, Calorised Oxygen Lance Pipe, Ceramic Coated Oxygen Lance Pipe, Calorised&Ceramic Coated Oxygen Lance Pipe, Underwater Cutting Lance
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surgical needle

Taper Point, Blunt Point, Reverse Cutting, Regular Cutting,     Diamond Point, Premium Reverse Cutting, Premium Regular     Cutting, Lance Point, Spatula Side Cutting, Straight Cutting,     Straight Taper Point     Needle Length: 6mm ~ 90mm   ...
Main Item surgical suture
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excellent wire cut consumables|wire cut consumables Kenos Chinese manufactorer

excellent wire cut consumables|wire cut consumables Kenos Chinese manufactorer Quick Details * Brand: wire cut consumables * Place of origin: Guangdong province China * model number: * More information about our wire cut consumables, pls click in...
Main Item EDM wire cut accessories
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GZ1625 CO2 Laser Cutting Flat Bed from Guanzhi Industry Co., Ltd

Product Introduction This CO2 flat bed laser cutting machine works with high power Co2 laser tube, with function of cutting and engraving. Laser tube moves following the design of files, without power wasting, keeping machine work with same power...
Main Item Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine
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oxygen blowing pipe

s: Ceramic coated pipe is a carbon steel pipe with multiple, thin layers of ceramic coating both outer and inner. The ceramic coating is resistant to slag attack and extends the life of the pipe when it is immersed into molten metal or in high...
Main Item carbon addtive/graphite/pyrite
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Lance Nozzle

-Necessary in working process of electric furnace. -It supplies oxygen into the shell of furnace in cutting the raw material. -High pressure piping and high purity copper -Welding: two kinds of different metal. -Endurance in high temperature and...
Main Item Water Jacket(Copper Panel)
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Newest big size infrared Oxyge spa capsule S-105B

Oxygen working principle: Through the high-pressure separation, the gas separation in the air, produced 98% of the pure oxygen, together with specially designed injection lance, and the spray gun nozzle on the skin masks for detoxification, high...
Main Item slimming machine, ipl machine, spa capsule, derma roller, rf machine, pdt machine
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