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MIMIDO Spicy Chicken Sauce chicken hot sauce chili oil sauce

s: There are Visible Chicken in the spicy chicken sauce, It has strong spicy taste, it is suitable to eat together with steamed buns, noodles, rice or cook the cold dishes and stir-fried dishes, it is more suitable for making appetizers....
Main Item chicken bouillon cube, granulated chicken bouillon, beef seasoning powder, mushroom seasoning powder
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Korean Fried Chicken Ingredients - Sauce, Food coating, Seasoning, Marinade Korean Fried Chicken Ingredients - Sauce, Food coating, Seasoning, Marinade Korean Fried Chicken Ingredients - Sauce, Food coating, Seasoning, Marinade

Korean Fried Chicken Ingredients - Sauce, Food coating, Seasoning, Marinade

Dusting Seasoning Cheese Dusting Seasoning Rich Cheddar Cheese Flavor Vegetable Dusting Seasoning Refresing Vegetable Flavor Garlic Cheese Seasoning Garlic and Cheese Flavor Honey Butter Seasoning Sweet Honey and Butter Flavor Hot Chilli Seasoning...
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Oishi Tori Dashi (Delicious Chicken Broth) 360ml
Oishi Tori Dashi (Delicious Chicken Broth) 360ml

Oishi Tori Dashi (Delicious Chicken Broth) 360ml

Chicken dashi is made by carefully selected Japanese raw ingredients. Anyone can cook variety of dishes by using it. We recommend diluting it with hot water to make soup. This all-purpose stock will take your dishes to new heights. You can easily...
1YR YES Gold YES Gold
Main Item Oishi Su (The Delicious Vinegar)
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Hot chicken sauce

Use the sauce to taste for spicy tastes of fries, roasted foods, etc. 1) About the sauce -10kg 2) Product characteristics -Use the sauce to taste for spicy tastes of fries, roasted foods, etc. 3) Shelf life and keeping - Shelf life : 6 months from...
Main Item seasoning
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sweet chili Sauce

A.K International Trading co.,ltd is manufacture and exporter premium sauce to our customers on world wild. Our sweet chili sauce have produced by personal formular which have researched for many year to the most customer's satisfy. Our sweet chili...
Main Item frozen fruit and vegetable, Sauce
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Hot Kalbi Sauce

A hot version of original Kalbi Sauce Has a spicy and slightly sweet flavor that enhances flavor anything you cook Use it to add an extra bit of hot BBQ flavor Also great for all barbecue foods, meat, chicken, vegetables, etc. Ready-to-use, quick,...
Main Item soy sauce
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Laver Chili Snack

Savory and spicy snack that tasty and healthy baked buckwheat, tasty sesame, hot and spicy chicken sauce and tasty laver are harmonized. - Healthy snack for people from children to adults who love spicy and tasty flavor - Snack that goes well with...
Main Item Laver Almond Snack
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Gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste) Chicken Sauce

Weight : 290g, 450g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 5kg, 15kg Delicate mixture of traditional Gochujang and Western spice sauce provides hot and sweet taste ① When having chicken cutlet or chicken. ② Apply or dip it into Gochujang chicken sauce
Main Item koreansauce
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Hot pot base soup

Hot pot base soup Ingredients: beef oil, vegetable oil, hot pepper, broad been sauce, salt, ginger, garlic,fermented soybean , Chinese prickly ash, sugar, MSG, spices, chicken essence, food additives( Disodium 5’-ribonucleotide). Certification:...
Main Item Seasoning/Condiment/Sauce/Food
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2016 hot sale PP/PE plastic spout cap and closures for doypack

Our plastic spouts and caps with suction nozzles are non-toxic, tasteless, scentless and heat resisting. They could be use in beverage, condiment, detergent and chemical products. The screwed cap makes it laborsaving to open the product. Also, the...
Main Item Plastic spout cap, suction nozzle and stand up pouch
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Sichuan Hot Pot Condiment

Hot pot condiment When cooking hot pot, add right amount water(chicken soup or soup better) in pot and boiling, add the condiment till boiling, you can add all kind of foods. Relish dish confect: Oil dish: sesame oil 30g, right amount of diced...
Main Item Sichuan pepper oil
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Chilled Vegetables Chicken

IntroductionWe took the idea of "oven baked chicken with 0% trans-fat" and raised it to the next level. Through our multiple years of extensive research, we developed our own oriental spice seasoning sauce that upgrades chicken's taste and texture....
Main Item Bake chicken
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Dak Galbi marinade

IntroductionDak Galbi is one of the ordinary foods in Korea whose main ingredients include drumstick, special sauce which consists of red-pepper paste and dry red-pepper powder, onion, spring onion, and sweet potato. It tastes hot, spicy, with a...
Main Item Kalbi marinade, Topokki marinade, Dak Galbi marinade, Dak Bokkeumtang marinade,
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Organic Dried Thai Galangal Roots - Bulk

High quality organic dried galangal by "Mae Noo Lek Organic", we use the natural production process, free from any chemicals, we selected only for good galangal in every piece for serve to you, you can be assured that will receive high quality,...
Main Item Dried Kaffir Lime Leaves, Dried Galangal, Dried Lemongrass, Dried Thai Red Chili
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made from fresh material, without added MSG, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives. Shelflife 2 years balikitchen'sauce range consist of super hot chili sauce, sweet chili sauce, chili sauce with ginger, chili sauce with garlic, sweet...
Main Item noodles
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chicken flavour

welcome to contact us! David Xu mobile/whatsapp/viber: +86 158 8955 8925 vechat: bill286371719 Email: Specifications 1. health food juice drinks orange juice flavour 2.For Candy, flavored drinks, frozen drinks 3.good effect...
Main Item flavour, protein sugar, and ethyl maltol, barkery ingredient, color etc.
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Freeze-dried green pepper

Freeze-dried green pepper. This freeze-dried green pepper from Madagascar, is slightly spicy with a cool taste and will enhance your poultry, sauces and exotic dishes. Ideal for steak with green pepper sauce! This green pepper is harvested before...
Main Item Dried banana, dried jackfruit, dried yellow sweet potato, dried purple sweet potato, dried mixed fruits, taro chips, freeze dried durian, freeze dried green pepper, frozen passion fruit juice, frozen passion fruit
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Sauce & Dressing

- Samjo's dressings are available in a variety of items to improve taste, flavor and appearance for dishes. In general, great for Salad also it goes well with cooked meats to increase appetite. - The harmony of each fresh ingredient allow a unique...
Main Item Sauces and Preparations Therefor
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Dry Red Chilli ENDO 5

Pramoda Exim Corporation is one of the exports leading Exporters, Suppliers, Manufacturers DRY RED CHILLI from Guntur in India. I am Export like Dried Red Chilies,Dried Red Peppers,Dry Chili Peppers,Dried Cayenne Pepper,Dried Ancho Chiles,Dried...
Main Item Rice, Chilies, Spices, Cotton, Cereals and Grains and Oil seeds
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No.5 Fusion sauce for fusion dishes without greasiness

The 6100SAUCE Make up to 100 different Korean dishes using the 6 sauces [ Globalization of Korean food ] Food represents the life and culture of a nation. Korean food has been with the nation’s history for a long time, and world’s renowned media...
Main Item 6100SAUCE/POGURI
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