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GMP Manufacturer Cerebrolysin powder, Cerebrolysin buy, FPE 1070, CAS 12656-61-0, Nootropics USA

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Animal Brain Extraction Cerebrolysin Pharmaceutical ingredient

Our cerebrolysin is a very good brain nutrient, can benefit brain, improve memory and sleep. It's a very good healthcare supplement and it can be widely used in pharmaceutical, health care products and food industry. Our cerebrolysin can be used as...
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Cerebrolysin concentrate

Generic Name]:Cerebrolysin concentrate [Description]:Light yellow or brown yellow clear solution [Ingredients]:Total Nitrogen:20.8~31.2mg/ml Amino Acid: L-Asp 11.25mg/ml~18.75 mg/ml L-Thr 1.125mg/ml~1.875 mg/ml L-Ser 1.125mg/ml~1.875 mg/ml L-Glu...
Main Item cerebrolysin concentrate
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