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Product description:We have ceramic pump parts of different materials to meet any of your needs. At the same time we can customize according to your needs! KATI Machinery is a professional supplier of slurry pumps, submersible slurry pumps,...
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super wear life slurry pump parts ceramics impeller and liner super wear life slurry pump parts ceramics impeller and liner super wear life slurry pump parts ceramics impeller and liner super wear life slurry pump parts ceramics impeller and liner super wear life slurry pump parts ceramics impeller and liner super wear life slurry pump parts ceramics impeller and liner

super wear life slurry pump parts ceramics impeller and liner

Introduction: HS series horizontal slurry pump is designed for the continuous pumping of high abrasive, high density slurries with minimal maintenance requirements. The wearing parts are made of superior anti-wear ultra chrome alloy or...
Main Item slurry pump; sand pump; gravel pump; rubber pump
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Main Item mud pump spare parts
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API standard drill mud pump parts liner API standard drill mud pump parts liner API standard drill mud pump parts liner API standard drill mud pump parts liner API standard drill mud pump parts liner

API standard drill mud pump parts liner

We supply mud pump spare parts like mud pump liner( including zirconia ceramic liner and high chrome bi-metal liner), fluid end module, valve and seats, piston, piston rod, pony rod etc. parts for mud pump, we can also customize and machine as your...
Main Item mud pump liner
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Ceramic (SIC) Slurry Pump Spare Parts

Ceramic (SIC) Slurry Pump Spare Parts 1. The using life of the ceramic (SIC) slurry pump spare components is 3-5 times greater than the high chromium alloy, and also it has stronger wear resistance 2. Yijia Exceptional chemical stability, extremely...
Main Item Centrifugal Sic Pump, Slurry Ceramic Pump, Slurry Sic Pump Manufacturer
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Mud Pump Zirconia Liners, Ceramic Zirconia Liners for drillinng mud pumps

HAIGE offers Mud Pump Parts, Mud Pump Liners, Fluid Modules. HAIGE offers 2 types of Mud Pump Liners : Chrome Liners and Zirconia Liners. The Mud Pump Liner sleeve is manufactured to the bore tolerances specified by API to provide longer life by...
Main Item Oilfield Drilling Equipment, OCTG, Pipe Handling Tools, Mud Pump Parts, Wellhead, Artificial Lift Equipment
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Pulseless Dual Ceramic Piston Pumps

IntroductionThese pumps show very precise, accurate, uniform and pulse-free pumping.Wetted parts are Ceramic.
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Main Item Ultra Spray Nozzles System
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Elatomer Pump Parts

Elatomer Pump Parts The pump parts can be made of high chrome, a wide variety of elastomers or the latest in ceramic materials More information you can click here for longer service life and higher efficiency. Casting, shaft, throat bush, front...
Main Item Heavy Slurry Pumps
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Wear Resistant Pump Parts

Product Details Why To Choose SiC Ceramic Pump? SiC served as a kind of mature anti-wear material, and has the features of high hardness, stable molecular structure, and good performance of anti-abrasion, corrosion resistance, high temperature...
Main Item Silicon Carbide Powder, Silicon Carbide Products, SiC seal Ring, SiC Slurry Pump
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Ceramic Plunger,Zirconia ceramic plunger,Alumina plunger,Plunger pumps

Zhengzhou Sky Universe Trade Co.,Ltd ,Our company zirconia plunger,It’s characteristic: both surface are the zirconia ceramics,the plunger column and the metal handle use mechanically joined,and simultaneously the mastic are sticked between...
Main Item Zirconia grinding medium, Zirconium grinding medium, Zirconia grinding balls, Yttria stabilized zirconia beads, Zirconia grinding beads
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Heavy duty pump diesel or motor drive pump parts

Heavy duty pump diesel or motor drive pump parts We provide standard slurry pump parts and diesel pump parts, also OEM service according to customer's special requirements. No. Name Codes 1 Pump Impeller 127, 147, 145, etc., such as C2127, D3147,...
Main Item slurry pump
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High Wear Resistance Ceramic Piston for Pump Parts

Alumina / Al2O3 is an excellent electrical insulator and one of the most widely used advanced ceramic materials. Additionally, it is extremely resistant to wear and corrosion. Alumina components are used in a wide range of applications such as...
Main Item advanced ceramic components
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Investment Precision Casting Stainless Steel Pump Parts

1. Product Name: Investment precision casting stainless steel hydraulic pump parts Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel Process: Lost wax casting + CNC machining Casting Dimension Tolerance: VDG P690 D2 Raw Casting Surface Roughness: Ra...
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Flue Gas Desulfurization Ceramic Pump

The ACP-TL Advanced Ceramic Desulfurization pump has its own unique character on the wear resistance, corrosion resistance than the metal lined pump, which makes its longer service life and wide range working applications. Also, the ACP pump has...
Main Item Slurry pump
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Investment Casting Pump Parts Impeller

Detailed introduction Pump body of centrifugal pump,vacuum pump,submerged pump,diaphragm pump,gear pump etc,Impeller,Support of the pump are mainly used in Petroleum and chemical industry,water treatment and transport of acid or alkaline solution...
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Bearings for ceramic machinery accessoriesUC209

Its code name is: UC200 series (light series), UC300 series (heavy series), and deformation products UB(SB)200 series, if the use environment is consistent with small, generally choose UC200 series, otherwise choose UC300 series. Model: UC209...
Main Item bearing
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YWB 250/200B, YWB 320/250 / 180C mud pump Ceramic liners

With the development of the city, road excavation is not allowed at the present stage, so it is necessary to use a large number of excavation-free mud pumps and to carry out parallel drilling on both sides of the road to achieve the purpose of...
Main Item Tripelx mud pump, drill mud pump, drilling mud pump, mud pump parts, mud pump liner, pistons, valve and seats, module and accessories, power end parts, plunger pump parts, plunger, packing, handling tools, wellhead tools, solid control equipment
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Pump parts surface grinding machine

Pump parts surface grinding machine Double side Grinding /Lapping Machine Over view: When the machine is working, upper and lower grinding discs as well as the planet wheel rotate simultaneously to drive work pieces to do reciprocating planet...
Main Item High precision double sided end surface Grinding machines
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Ceramic or Rubber Wet Parts Tl Pump Solid Slurry Pump Circulating Pumps

Ceramic or rubber wet parts TL pump solid slurry pump circulating pumps Parameters of TL ceramic slurry pump Outlet Diameter:----- 350-1000mm Capacity:- 1600-15000 m3/h Head:- 15-31m Rotation Speed:- 485-960 r/min Power:- 1.1-1250kw Brief...
Main Item Slurry pumps sand pumps , submersible slurry pumps , split case pumps , froth pump chemical pumps and pumps spares , slurry valves , crusher and ball mill spares , grinding balls , filter press cloths , rubber or ceramic liner pipes , conveyor rollers , conveyor be
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zirconia ceramic blade / cutter blade / ceramic parts

Zirconia Ceramic has very high density, excellent wear resistance, and can offer excellent chemical erode resistance. The addition of moderate Yttrium Oxides the ceramic parts to having very high mechanical strength and particularly toughness. The...
Main Item tungsen carbide and ceramic molds&dies
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