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graphite Petroleum Coke,gpc coke graphite Petroleum Coke,gpc coke graphite Petroleum Coke,gpc coke

graphite Petroleum Coke,gpc coke

Graphitized petroleum coke is a kind of petrochemical product, whose raw materials is green petroleum coke. It is widely used to produce graphite electrode, graphite blocks, brakes pads and other carbon products..It can also be used as carbon...
Main Item Carbon Additive, Gas Calcined Anthracite Coal(GCA), Calcined Anthracite Coal(CAC), Electrically Calcined Anthracite Coal(ECA), Calcined Petroleum Coke(CPC), Graphitized Petroleum Coke(GPC), carbon block, carbon paste
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Electromagnetic Flow Meter good price quality conductive liquid

Parameter Main Application Conductive Liquid(Water,Sewage,Chemical,Slurry etc) Measuring Principle Electromagnetic Nominal Diameter Range DN15 to DN1200 Wetted Materials Liner:CR;PTFE;Telflon;PU Electrode:SS316L;Ti;Ta;Pt Measured Variables Current...
Main Item flowmeter
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Low price natural graphite powder -195 -196 flake graphite

Specifications: The particle size ranges form 45um-500um(325mesh-35mes h),and the carbon content ranges from 94%to 99%. Advantages: Perfect crystallization,thin flake,good flexibility,excellent chemical and physical properties,superior...
Main Item natural flake graphite, NBR rubber sheet
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Steelmaking Products Expandable Graphite/Dilatable Graphite Powder/Natural Graphite Price

Description Expandable graphite 32mesh/50mesh/80mesh/300mesh,carbon content 95-99%,expansion multiple 100-500 times more mainly for flame retardant,fire materials,insulation materials Expanded graphite is a kind of ideal new sealing material,in the...
Main Item Fluorite, Anthracite, recarburizer, carburant
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Factory Supply Graphite Carbon Briquette Carbon Raiser

About-Graphite Carbon Raiser Graphite Carbon Ball, is made of shattered graphite ore, by dosing, grinding, extrusion, drying and a series industrial process, then being a globular structure which has a certain intensity. It is an environmentally...
Main Item ferro silicon, ferro manganese, silicon metal, silicon carbide and others ferro alloys
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UHP grade graphite electrode

Graphite Electrode RP(Regular Power) For Arc Furnace Graphite electrode product Graphite electrode is made of high quality calcined petroleum coke,imported needle coke and modified coal asphalt,the grade are RP,HD(impregnation),HP and UHP graphite...
Main Item Graphite electrode
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E6013 welding electrode

E6013 welding electrode is carbon steel welding electrode covered with a high titania potassium type coating. Both AC and DC can be applied, and it is applicable for all position welding. It shows a very good welding performances: small spatters,...
Main Item welding wires, welding electrodes
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Graphite Electrode

We specialize in Graphite Items for several years, with the strength of Specialty Graphite Products: Molded and isostatic graphite and Graphite Machining also the Graphite Electrode. We can supply it with good quality and very competitive price,...
Main Item graphite parts
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High Quality Arc-Air Gouging Carbon Rods

1.Dia: 3-200mm 2.Length:8-250mm 3.Density:1.6-1.8g/cm3 4.Low price & High quality The carbon electrode for carbon arc gas planning is an electrical Pole used in the carbon arc gas planning. The electrical arc can be produced between electrode and...
Main Item Graphite Block, Graphite Electrode, Graphite Plate, Graphite Mould, Carburant
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carbon welding electrodes (gouging electrode)

Our main products are all kinds of TIG,MIG/MAG welding torches & spare parts. We also export carbon welding electrodes (gouging electrodes) for carbon arc air gouging guns with fine quality and competitive prices.
Main Item fishing rods, fishing lures, fishing baitsEDM brass wire, EDM machine, EDM molybdenum wire, EDM brass electrode tube, tungsten electrodes, tig welding, mig welding, edm resins, tungsten electrodes, welding ceramic cups, welding electrode, welding wire
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cheap low density white alumina manufacturer china

Anthracite can be used for smelting brown fused alumina price, and petroleum coke must be used for smelting high-alumina corundum. It is difficult for the electrode side to contain ash in addition to carbon. Ash is also a source of impurities in...
Hong Kong
Main Item brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, black corundum, pink corundum, green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide
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Hardfacing flexible cords coiled flexible electrode composed of a Nicke core wire and thick coating

Hardfacing flexible cords(coiled flexible electrode composed of a Nicke core wire and tungsten carbide grain covered) Tungsten carbide is one of the best materials with its highest hardness,wear resistance material in the industrial except diamond....
Main Item tungsten carbide products, carbide cutter, carbide inserts, cemented carbide products
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Low Sulphur High Carbon Calcined Petroleum Coke

Low sulphur high carbon CPC Calcined Petroleum Coke Type Fix carbon Min Sulphur Max Moisture Max Ash Max Volatile Max Real density g/cm min Electric resistance max Size(mm) CPC-07 98.5% 3% 0.5% 0.5% 0.7% 2.05 500 0-2mm CPC-08 99.5%...
Main Item activated carbon, abrasive materials, met coke, pet coke, water treatment chemicals
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Dia.35*L300mm graphite carbon rod/mini rod/Cylinder of Graphite Lubricants/Electrodes for EDM/indust

Hi-Tech Carbon Co.,Limited Graphite Rod Fine Grain Graphite Rod Item Unit Guaranteed Data Typical Data Bulk Density g/cm3 1.72 1.74 Max.Grain Size mm 0.8 0.8 Specific Resistance unm 9.5 8.5 Flexural Strength MPa 14.5 17.0 Compressive Strength MPa...
Main Item Graphite Rotor, Graphite Crucible,
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Pro Ems Training Suit

Pro Ems Training Suit Features of Per Ems Suit Physical therapy stimulate and body training machine,Fitness and beauty slimming. Excellent conductivity,low resistance,washable for many times without losing its feature Reasonable price and higher...
Main Item EMS Fitness Equipment, Pro EMS Training Suit, Ems Fitness Training Apps For Sale
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Semi coke, electrode paste

Higher carbon conversion capacity and low ash content Minimal P and S value, Outstanding protection ability Exceptional performance during chemical reactions Competitive price The special characteristics of semi coke helps to lower FeNi/FeSi...
Main Item semi coke, Electrode paste, Magnesium ingot
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100 Watt Small Size Cautery Good Price -- Jo Zhou

Features: Compact design diathermy with monopolar function; Max 4 working modes:Pure / Blend1, Standard / Spray; Fast trouble-shooting by default Error alarm system; REM(Return Electrode Monitoring) system for highest safety; Excellent operation...
Main Item Cautery, Electrosurgical Unit, Patient Monitor, Infusion Pump, Syringe Pump, ECG Machine, Fetal Doppler, Handheld Pusle Oximeter, Fingertip Pusle Oximeter
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auto denso spark plug with factory price 3253 PK20TR11

auto densos spark plug with factory price 3253 PK20TR11 Cheap auto parts K20TR11, Walmart spark plugs replacement. 360°firing technology. 2 ground electrodes increase durability Machine Rolled Threads prevent seizing or cross threading during...
Main Item Auto part
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Graphite Electrode

Graphite Electrodes Graphite electrode is made of petroleum coke,needle coke, and bonding coal pitch. Its production process is: calcining, dosing, mixing, forming, baking and impregnation, graphitization in a high temperature of over 3000°C, then...
Main Item Metallurgical products
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YOYIK supplies hydraulic reversing valve MG00.11.19.01

India Thermal Power hydraulic reversing valve MG00.11.19.01 We mainly serve power plants, hydroelectric power stations, metal mines, coal mines, steel mills, cement plants, petroleum, chemical, natural gas industries. All along, we have provided...
Main Item Steam turbine parts
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