Baby Care Products

Baby Powder: The new formula baby powder has double effect: anti-powder and anti-itch, and contains natrural mint and factor, cool and fresh, can cure heat spot effectively and remove surplus damp of skin, making baby skin comfortable and smooth....
Main Item shampoo, hair product, lotion, cosmetic, foundation,
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17 in 1 Multi-Functional skin analyzer magnifying Lamp ultrasound machine AU-9988

1.Spray: Refreshing mist used after a treatment. For a refreshing experience use with scented water or essential oils. 2.Vacuum: Vacuum deeply makes the skin clean and remove the acne. It works to suction out the deeply embedded dirt, grease and...
Main Item Beauty Machine
Business Type Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Retailer

M1608 multifunction facial beauty machine / 19 in 1 facial machine

Multi-Function Beauty Equipment, Facial Massager, Facial Steamer, Facial Tanner, Magnifying Lamp, Mesotherapy Gun, Microdermabrasion Machine, No-Needle Mesotherapy Device, RF, Skin Analyzer, Skin Scrubber, UV Meter, Vacuum Cavitation System, Wax...
Main Item beauty machine slimming machine skin care equipment spa beauty equipment E-lig
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Nano Handy Mist Spray Atomization Facial Humectant Belle-905

Portable beauty mist. Replenish moisture to the skin at any time. Just 30 seconds, 24 hours to maintain supple skin moist. Main Features/Key Specs: Girl's lover--- Belle-905 Can be used in the body, hair and other parts of the maintenance. Simple...
Main Item Ultrasonic Air Humidifier
Business Type Manufacturer

Cordyceps Militaris pure powder capsule

Cordyceps Militaris, is a precious wild medicine, with the function of replenishing the deficient, benefiting the vital essence, protecting the lung, tonifying the kidney, relieving cough and reducing sputum, and strengthening human health. It’s...
Main Item Cordyceps militaris
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600 Needle DNC Derma Rolling Rotating Head Micro Needle

How it works (its head can revolve) By rolling the microneedle roller on the skin, micro punctures and channels are created. may remove the epidermis the cutin, simultaneously will induce under the corium layer the growth factor production, the...
Main Item derma roller
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All About MBR Brand Rose Water Before We Move ON A Small Article About Rose & Water . " Would a rose smell as sweet if it were called anything but a rose? Probably, and it would have just as many benefits. It is no surprise that Cleopatra used...
Main Item Spices
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PIII RC Sailplane Model

1.clean design 2.affordability 3.good looks 4.good perfomance class glider Wingspan: 2960mm Length: 1465mm Empty weight: 1700-1800g (single carbon) Wing area: 58.9dm2 Airfoil: GM08 /6.8 Tail plane: TP29 Ballast: 1600grams Function: Rudder,...
Main Item Sailplane
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Nano Portable Moisturizing Spray Beauty Instrument

Adopting latest technolog to make skincare lotion into tiny nanometer particles for skin easy absorption 1. This Nanometer Atomization Facial Beautification Instrument adopts latest nanometer technology for skin care. 2. Can make the effective...
Main Item Main Division I:E-cigarette & E-cigarette Accessories & Beauty Instrument & Flashlight & Fung Fan & Chain saws & Pressure Washer & Brush Cutter & Lawn Machine & Pump & Sprayers & Chain Saw Accessories & International Express
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Nova NV-1608, 19 in 1 Skin care beauty equipment,CE approval

Nova NV-1608, 19 in 1skin care beauty equipment,CE approval The newest multi-functional 19 in 1 Multi-function beauty equipment, with the most functions for skin care. You can choose the functions discretional. 19 in 1 multi-function beauty...
Main Item mircodermabrasion
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Multiple Beauty Instrument Au-9988

Detailed Au-9988 is your smart selection! Optional functions can add: BIO sticks/BIO gloves/Electro muscle stimulators/Photon Functions: 1.Spray: Refreshing mist used after a treatment. For a refreshing experience use with scented water or...
Main Item Au-41
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Pueraria Intro Soothing Mask V1

Iso Flavone (Phyto-Estrogen) and Puerarin included in extract of Pueraria Mirifica make your skin moist, elastic, and healthy. Coenzyme Q 10 and other natural ingredients are excellent in firming and moisturizing skin, and also calm, revitalize,...
Main Item Cosmetic, skin care
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Crude 100% Organic Pure Tea Seed Oil Top Grade

Camellia Tree is a special organic oil plant with a history of at least1 million years wildly grow in the high mountains in Hunan, Jiangxi, Guanx provinces in China.The tree is about 2 to 5 meters high, green all the year. It can live for hundreds...
Main Item Tea seeds, camellia seeds
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collagen facial mask

[product effect]: The domestic first head of household hits “the activation micro cycle, the improvement facial expression “the product, may not adjust the ill health skin color, locks in the moisture, the equilibrium water content, the...
Main Item detox foot match
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OUR INDIAN Rose Water is pure, undiluted, food-grade product. The rose water does not contain any preservatives, additives, or synthetic ingredients. Many manufacturers label their products containing rose essence but it could be synthetic....
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whitening facial treatment

Tri-Phasic White System Make a brilliant discovery. As light illuminates the beauty of a translucent flower petal, a luminous butterfly wing, or a brilliant diamond, a radiant complexion lets your inner beauty shine through. The Nu Skin® Tri-Phasic...
Main Item radiant faces
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Spirulina is a blue-green algae. It is a simple, one-celled form of algae that thrives in warm, alkaline fresh-water bodies. The name "spirulina" is derived from the Latin word for "helix" or "spiral"; denoting the physical configuration of the...
Main Item Tamarind sauce
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Schizandra Berry Extract.Schisandrins

Schizandra Berry Extract. Fructus Schisandrae Schizandra Chinensis Extract;Schisandra sphenanthera Extract.EINECS:N/ACAS:223748-53-6 Dried Fruit Schisandrins 1%~9%HPLC.9%UV.Schizandrin A (Deoxyschisandrin) 1% 2% 3%HPLC Schizandrin B (Deoxygomisin...
Main Item standardized extracts, extracts by rate, monomer component, herb remedy
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Oxygen & BioLight Therapy (OxyBioLight)

【Introduction of OxyBioLight】 The OxyBioLight gethering two techniques of Oxygen Therapy and Oxygen & Biolight technique, these two techniques can not only replenish pure oxygen but also Bio Micro-current and light, the treatment effects are much...
Main Item Beauty equipment and medical instrument
Business Type Manufacturer

EDEL Skin Care (5 piece set)

"Well-being cosmetics, EDEL that fills nature" It is a well-being skin care system that gives strength to the skin and makes it vital and healthy, using honey extracts. [Product Concept] The lexical meaning of well-being is happiness, peace, and...
Main Item Cosmetics
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