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98% Calcium Formate

CheV Calcium FormateI can be used as quick solidification agent, lubricant agent and early-strength admixture for cement based mortar such as tile adhesive,concrete. Specification Packaging and storage Net weight of 25kg per paper bag with...
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Hot Sale Shenyu Supply Calcium Formate 98% with Good Price

Hot Sale Shenyu Supply Calcium Format 98% with Good Price 1.Hot Sale Shenyu Supply Calcium Format 98% with Good Price Detailed description English name Calcium formate CAS 544-17-2 MF C2H2CaO4 MW 130.11 EINECS 208-863-7 Melting point 300 °C Density...
Main Item Ethanol, Isopropyl Alcohol, DMF
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Calcium Formate

Calcium Formate Calcium Formate is White crystalline or powder, slightly moisture absorption, bitter, neutrality, nontoxic, dissolve in water. An industrial chemical compound and faster setting, early strength gain accelerating admixture for...
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sell Calcium formate 98% for industry

Calcium formate 98% for concrete admixcture CAS No.: 544-17-2 EC NO: 208-863-7 Molecular Formula: Ca(HCOO)2 Annual Output: 30000mt Property: White powder 98,99 Use: An industrial chemical compound and faster setting, early strength gain...
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calcium formate

We are on of the largest manufactures of calcium formate in China. we have been engaged in this industry for decades. therefor, we can provide you the best quality products, and our large capacity factory can assure you timely shipping. And we can...
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calcium formate used as coagulator,lubricating agent of cement

White crystalline powder,slightly hygroscopic,bitter,neutral,non-toxic,soluble in water. Classification :Calcium Organic Salt CAS No. :544-17-2 Other Names :calcium salt MF :Ca(HCOO)2 EINECS No.: 208-863-7 Place of Origin :Henan, China (Mainland)...
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Sodium Hexametaphosphate Balls

Polyphosphate treatment is a simple, effective and economic solution for problem of scale deposits. When dissolved in water, the polyphosphate prevents the formation of calcium carbonate encrustation by acting upon its crystallization, without...
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PSA CO Plant

PIONEER’s independently-developed and produced PSA-CO adsorbent PU-1 was granted the Chinese, USA and Canadian patents. PU-1 has ultra-high adsorption capacity and selectivity for CO, which are the key features for PSA-CO technology which reaches...
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Lime-Hydrated Lime

HYDRATED LIME Used in the chemical industries and road construction for soil stabilization. Other uses include: Water treatment, Sugar refining, Dehairing of hides and Lime washing. PRODUCTION Calcium hydroxide or hydrated lime is produced by...
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Hot Sale New Product Plagentic

Hot sale New Product Plagentic Plagentic Unique Concentrate of Human Placenta Extract Overview QuickDetails Placeof Origin: Seoul, South Korea BrandName: Plagentic ModelNumber: 2ml x 50amps Function: rejuvenation Material: human placenta extract...
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Hydroxylapatite (1306-06-5) for Toothpaste Artificial Joints Water Filtration

Nano Hydroxyapatite HAP/ HA(1306-06-5) for Toothpaste, Food, Artificial Joints Research, Water Filtration Attention: China 14 years old Manufacturer direct selling; Gold Member, Gold Quality; Lowest price served; Mass and plenty in stock now ;...
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caustic soda flakes solid pearls 96%99%

As regards,the price i will give you the most favourable one.Pls check our strong products indicated on the list,as follow: 1>> Inorgainc Chemical products Caustic Soda flakes pearls soild 99%96% Sodium Hexametaphosphate 68% min Sodium...
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Noni Juice

Wellness is a wheel of six parameters, which are known as Physical, Social, Environmental, Emotional, Spiritual and Intellectual. NONI HINDUSTAN is here to build a Culture of Wellness and awareness of Wellness among the public. If we go along with...
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Morinrga leaves powder

MORINGA LEAVES POWDER: Fresh Moringa leaves are collected from the Moringa tree. And it is dried in a low temperature. The dried Moringa leaves are grind into powder form. The Moringa powder is used in a wide range of products from the dietary...
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Flax Seed Oil Capsule

What is Flax Seed Oil and how can it benefit me? I was faced with this question when I started hearing about Flax Seed not long ago. It's become a 'buzz word' in society and seems to be making great strides in increased health for many. I wanted to...
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Complete plant food Natures-bio organic is a perfect combination of natural npk, more than 60 micro nutrients plus amino acid essential for plants derived from a 100% natural fermentation of fish, kelp and guano extracts through beneficial micro...
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