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AR Grade 87%min Copper Oxide Liner or needlesCAS 1317 38 0 AR Grade 87%min Copper Oxide Liner or needlesCAS 1317 38 0 AR Grade 87%min Copper Oxide Liner or needlesCAS 1317 38 0

AR Grade 87%min Copper Oxide Liner or needlesCAS 1317 38 0

AR Grade 87%min Copper Oxide Liner or needlesCAS 1317 38 0 Molecular formula: CuO relative molecular mass: 79.54 Appearance; black monoclinic crystal or black to brown black amorphous crystalline powder Executive Standard: Enterprise Standard...
Main Item urea copper oxide
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Zinc oxide Rubber

Product Name: Zinc Oxide Grade: Industry grade(Direct Process) Appearance:White Powder Direct Zinc Oxide 99.5% CAS NO.:1314-13-2 EINECS NO.: 215-222-5 Molecular Formula: ZnO Molecular Weight: 81.39 HS Code: 2817001000 Specification: Item Index Zinc...
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Main Item sugar, rice, soybeans, chicken
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copper ore

Copper oxide ore 12% min S 2% max As , Cd, F, Cl , Pb etc. within limited parameter of custom . No radioactivity To be weight processing come from mine only .
Main Item solar energy system , battery , cable , copper alloy etc.
Business Type Manufacturer, Importer, Wholesaler/Retailer

Copper oxide flotation activator TMTN-2 (sodium thiadiazole salt)

Copper oxide flotation activator TMTN-2 (sodium thiadiazole salt) Cas; 55906-42-8 Composition: Trimercaptotriazine sodium salt, thiadiazole sodium salt and other active groups Technical Indicator Characters: Light yellow liquid proportion:...
Main Item rubber additives pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemical products
Business Type Manufacturer

Nano copper Oxide powder or nanorod

Copper oxide nanowires,Nano-copper oxide,Nanometer Cupric Oxide,Nano CuO,Cupric Oxide Nanorods,CuO nanorods Dark brown or black powder Diameter size: 40-60nm(SEM) Length size: 1-2um Shape: Porous nanorods Specific surface area: 20-60m2/g Apparent...
Main Item Copper Nano powder, Copper nanoparticle, Ultrafine copper powder
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Copper oxide for sale

We are offering g for sale 150mt of copper oxide with Cu content of 8%min .origin is Nigeria. Interested buyer can contact us for further details
Main Item Lead ore, zircon sand, manganese ore, iron otter, refractory insulyte, Ferrosilicon, silicon , thorium ore
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Yosoar Export CAS 1317-38-0 Chemical Oxide Copper Oxide 99.3% min.

CAS NO:1317-38-0 EINECS:215-269-1 Purity:99.9% Product Name: Copper Oxide Grade: Industrial Brand: Yosoar Color: Black Shape: Powder Certificate: SGS Brochure: Shipping&Payment: About us: Kunshan Yosoar New Materials Co., Ltd. started and business...
Main Item copper oxide, copper powder, copper sulfate, copper carbonate
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SMBT(Sodium Mercaptobenzothiazole)

Application: It is strong collector for cooper sulfide and zinc sulfide mine. No need to sulfur the mine when using it to float lead oxide mine. Also can be collector for sulphided copper oxide. Specially effective for gold mine and iron pyrith...
Main Item Dithiophosphate, Thioglycolic Acid, Xanthate, Thionocarbamate, Sodium Thioglycolate, Metyl Isobutyl Carbinol, xanthates, flotation reagent, collector, mining chemical
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Superfine Copper Oxide Powder

Superfine Copper Oxide Powder Ultrafine Products Product description: Superfine CuO Particles Electronic grade copper oxide Superfine copper (II) oxide powder; Active copper oxide; Submicron copper oxide powder; CAS 1317-38-0 Product Specification:...
Main Item Ultrafine Copper Hydroxide, Nanometer Products, Ultrafine Products, Copper Salt Products, Nano pesticide technical material
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Superfine Active Copper Oxide Powder 40-50um Purity 99%+ CuO

Alias: Superfine CuO powder,Active Copper Oxide,Submicron CuO powder, Electronic grade copper oxide, Ultrafine CuO Item Purity (%) Particle size range (μm) Average particle size (μm) Shape Specific surface area (m²/g) Density (g/m³) Index 99+ 40-50...
Main Item Copper nanoparticle;Copper Nanopowder;Copper Nano powder;Nano-copper powder;Nanometer copper powder;ultrafine copper powder;Superfine copper powder;Cupric hydroxide nanopowder;Nano nickel coated copper powder;Nano nickel-copper alloy powder;Nano nickel-co
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Copper (II) Oxide Rods CAS No. 1317-38-0

Among what we manufacture is copper (II) oxide rods, which is commonly used: 1) in making capsules for prevention and treatment of animals' copper deficiency; 2) to dispose of hazardous materials such as cyanide, hydrocarbons, halogenated...
Main Item Urea, Cupric oxide
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Copper Cathode Alloy Plates/Copper Cathode/Ingot/Copper Ingot

Copper electrolytic purification: the coarse copper (containing 99% copper) pre-made into a thick plate as an anode, made of copper as a cathode to sulfuric acid. (H2SO4) and copper sulfate (CuSO4) as the electrolyte. After energization, copper is...
Main Item HDPE resin, LDPE resin, GPPS granules, HIPS granules, PET resin
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Copper Concentrate

Copper Concentrate 12% basis Copper oxide concentrate recovered from copper slags PACKING: Big Bags in Containers. QUANTITY: BRM is able to supply up to 1000-1500 MT per month. CONTRACT PERIOD: 12 (twelve) months with rolls and extensions. TERMS OF...
Main Item Manganese Ore
Business Type Manufacturer, Distributor

High Quality Disposable Nitrile Gloves Powder Free Examination Gloves

Product POWDER FREE NITRILE GLOVES Material Nitrile latex Type Nitrile disposable gloves, powder free, Non-sterile Size S,M,L,XL etc Color Blue, Cobalt Blue, White,Purple,Black Powder No powder lubricant added Length(mm) All size, Min 240 Design...
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Main Item Garments, gloves, oil , sugar, chicken , pork,
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Copper Oxide for Fireworks, Cuo

We can use this material make several of fireworks cake effects, please tell me which effects you want to make, we will provide special copper oxide only for fireworks making or special effect. Please see the specifications of copper oxide...
Main Item fireworks machine and materials
Business Type Manufacturer, Agent, Wholesaler/Retailer, Service

Tinned Metallized Wire

It’s copper plated tin high strength wire made by flattened copper-plated tin wire in wrapped textile filaments. Tin forms oxide films to prevent copper oxidation soon,intermediate textile wire supported wire strength and bending performance so the...
Main Item conductor wire
Business Type Manufacturer

Reagent Grade Copper Oxide use for Safety Airbag Gas Generator

1.Molecular Formula : CuO 2.Molecular Weight : 79.54 3.Description : This reagent for solid black line, with cuprous oxide and copper. 4.Reference standard : HG/T 3490-2003 5.Specifications : to take into account the highest content and impurity...
Main Item Urea
Business Type Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Retailer
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid FACTORY SUPPLY CAS 60-00-4 Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid FACTORY SUPPLY CAS 60-00-4 Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid FACTORY SUPPLY CAS 60-00-4 Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid FACTORY SUPPLY CAS 60-00-4 Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid FACTORY SUPPLY CAS 60-00-4 Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid FACTORY SUPPLY CAS 60-00-4

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid FACTORY SUPPLY CAS 60-00-4

Common Name Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid CAS Number 60-00-4 Molecular Weight 292.243 Density 1.6±0.1 g/cm3 Boiling Point 614.2±55.0 °C at 760 mmHg Molecular Formula C10H16N2O8 Melting Point 250 °C (dec.)(lit.) MSDS ChineseUSA Flash Point...
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Main Item Pharmaceutical intermediates
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Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide Zinc Oxide, an oxide of zinc, is also called zinc white. White powder or hexagonal crystal. It is odorless, tasteless, sand free, insoluble in water, soluble in acid and strong alkali. Coastal Zinc Group is one of the main producers of...
Main Item zinc chloride anhydrous, zinc chloride solution
Business Type Manufacturer

Potassium /Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate (SIBX/PIBX) / Flotation Collector

It is a very powerful collector with strong selectivity, widely used in the flotation treatment of sulfide multi-metallic ores It is relatively strong collector used in the flotation of Cu, Pb, Ni, Zn, and PGM ores.Good quality and excellent...
Main Item Calcium hypocholrite 65%-70%(Sodium Process)
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter