100% Frozen chicken Paw

DAS IMPORT EXPORT TRADING GROUP are simply one of the best and competent suppliers around the world, we are priviledge to advertise we supply Halal Certified Whole frozen chicken, Chicken feet, Chicken Breast, Chicken legs etc... with reasonable...
South Africa
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Chicken paws,whole chicken,chicken feet,chicken leg quarters

We know that chefs and restauranteurs require only the best quality at the right price. Our frozen chicken products are sourced from top, well-renowned producers in South Africa. Whether you plan to roast, grill, fry or boil your chicken, National...
South Africa
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BBQ barbecue spices

BBQ spice Youjiua spice for BBQ is refined with a variety of plant spices by traditional craft. This product has rich fragrant, delicious taste, is professional barbecue sauce for all kinds of meat, vegetables. Edible methods Roasted chicken wings...
Main Item Sichuan pepper oil
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Chicken MJW

IQF White skin No broken bones Outer yellow skin off Well cleaned and fresh No bruises No hair No black pads or ammonia burns No bad smells No excessive blood or blood stains Moisture content is less than 3% No excess water Weight per piece is...
Main Item Wheat grain
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tv cabinet

chicken-wingwood fashion tv stand with powerful function for storage. Can be customized Chicken wing wood Fashion TV cabinet tv stand for living room,
Main Item wardrobe/tv cabinet/wine cabinet/book cabinet/bedstand/sliding door
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Automatic Panko Bread Crumb Processing Machinery

Bread crumb is a widely used as food additive for deep fried food,and mainly for frying food surface,such as:fried chicken, fish, seafood (shrimp), chicken, chicken wings, onion rings, etc. Its feature is crispy soft, tasty, delicious and...
Main Item fried snacks food machinery
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Quality Halal Whole Frozen Chicken available

The QTY are distributed according to the following order and Weights per Box: 700gr, 800gr ,900gr, 1000gr, 1100gr, 1200gr, 1300gr, 1400gr, 1500gr, 1600gr, 1700gr, 1800gr, 1900gr, 2000gr, 2100gr, 2200gr, 2300gr, 2400gr, 2500gr Weight and Packaging:...
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Some Knowledge on Fryer Machine The fryer machine is made of stainless materials and of totally enclosed structures. They have unique ultra-wide working voltage designs and are operated stably. Users can preset time for operations, which are...
Main Item Cooking Equipment
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Organic Deoxidizer

Organic Deoxidizer Details of this Oxygen Absorber The general-purpose deoxidizer absorbs the oxygen in the packaging container by the principle of iron powder oxidation, and rapidly reduces the oxygen concentration to less than 0.01% within 0.5-2...
Main Item Desiccant, absorber, anti-mold chip, mildew proof paper, silica gel desiccant
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pressure fryer /chicken pressure fryer

pressure fryer for fried chicken /chicken wing and so on with oil filtration system MDXZ-25C
Main Item PFE-600/PFG-600/PFE-1000G/PFG-1000G/PFE-500/PFE-500G
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United Kingdom
Main Item Precious metals of Gold and Diamonds, Copper Scraps of Millberry.Agricultural products, Office goods, Motor products
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Chicken (Whole, Shaurma, Feet, Paws, Gizzards, Neck, Wings, Legs, Breast, Drumsticks, Livers, Hearts

Chicken (Whole, Shaurma, Feet, Paws, Gizzards, Wings, Legs, Breast, Drumsticks, Livers, Hearts, Kakugiri, Drummets) $800.00-$1950.00 LOI or order necessary to start! Different weights, different packing ways! Minimum 1 container (28 MT) per month!...
Main Item Gold
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Large Automatic Sealing and Packing Machine

Large Vacuum Packaging Machine Operating principle of stretch film vacuum packaging machine: Stretch film vacuum packaging machine must use a forming mold, the first film heating, and then use the forming mold into the shape of the container, and...
Main Item vacuum package machine
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Chicken Meat Of High Quality

Do you need chicken meat of high quality? Welcome to Agrarian Center. Assortment: whole chicken, fillet, legs, wings Carton box: 10-14 kg, BQF With HALAL. Origin: Ukraine! We offer you a long-term and reliable cooperation. For further details,...
Main Item Grain crops, Vegetables oils, Vegetables, Fruit, Milk, Cereals, Meat
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Holothurian Sorting Machine with High Accuracy

DH brand eight grade automatic sorting machine/ holothurians sorting machine/sea food sorting machine/ fish sorting machine, it is mainly use for seafood, seafood, drumstick, chicken wing, hardware etc product, when the product be put on the...
Main Item Checkweigher/sorting machine/ metal detector/ checkweigher& metal detector
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chicken parts

whole chicken or all chicken parts ( wing ,paw,breast,leg etc..) we are exported 5 countries all time fresh after shocked new products 2015/12 2 year shelf life per products in the bag 6 bag in the export crt
Main Item food and agricultural
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HALAL FROZEN WHOLE CHICKEN Product Name: HALAL FROZEN WHOLE CHICKEN Product Origin: SOUTH AFRICA Standard: GRADE A. Supply Ability: 1000 METRIC TONS PER MONTH Detailed : We can supply various Frozen Chicken cuts such as; 1. frozen whole chicken 2....
South Africa
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Conserv Chicken

We produce Conserv Chicken Bonless Meat, Conserv Chicken Wings in light Oil and Beans with chicken wings in tomato sauce. Ready to serve Meat with Light vegetable oil Heat and Eat, ready to serve
Main Item Authentic Indo Pak Curry Pastes
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Chicken meat

We can supply frozen chicken products and other parts with reasonable prices. All certification is up to date. 1. frozen whole chicken 2. frozen chicken feet 3. frozen chicken paws 4. frozen chicken breast 5. frozen chicken thighs 6. frozen chicken...
Main Item A4 copy paper and others
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Frozen Whole chicken

We supply best quality Brazilian Grade A whole frozen Chicken,chicken feet/ Paws. We can supply to all destinations . Product : Processed Grade ''A'' Frozen Chicken Feet & Paws Quality: Grade A Average Weight of Feet : 40 -60 grams/piece Average...
Main Item Yellow Corn, Rapeseed, Sunflower seeds and oil, Wheat, Blue Poppy seeds,
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