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Black polyimide coverlay

Black Polyimide Coverlay is made of BLACK polyimide film coated by modified stage-B acrylic adhesive on one side with protection release film or paper, widely used in protection of FCPB and other relevant fields. Characters: * Excellent dielectric...
Main Item Polyimide Film, Polyimide Film Adhesive Tape, Polyimide Coverlay, FEP Polyimide Film, Polyimide Tape, Polyimide Resin Powder, Bismaleimide, Aramid Paper Adhesive Tape
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HOYOGO 2 Layer Flexible PCB

--Key Specifications: Layer : 2L Base Material : PI 50UM(SF302) Board Thickness : 0.35mm Final Copper Thickness : 65 UM Surface Finished : ENIG+Immersion Silver Unit Size(mm) : 306.30*195.44 Min Hole Copper Thickness : 12um Min W/S(mil) : 8/8...
Main Item HDI, Conventional FR4 (1-56L), High TG and heavy copper PCB, High frequency with Rogers material, PCBA service, Gold finger, Hard gold plating, Flexible PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, IMS PCB(Aluminum, copper base/core), Quick turn to 3 days available, etc.
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