Bismuth Ingot / Granules / Needles

Bismuth metal is silver gray to light pink metal, which is in form of ingots, sheets, granules, ball, powder. Bismuth ingots tend to break up. It shows light blue fire and yellow or brown bismuth oxide turns out when heating at room temperature....
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Best price bismuth needle solid form metallurgy/Granule Bismuth Needle

1.Physical Properties Purity:99.9%,99.99% Appearance: needle shaped Density:9.758g/cm3 Melting point:271.3℃ Boiling point:1560℃ Particle Size:length approx. 2 – 3 cm Supply ability: 1200 kg /month 2.Specification 3.Packing In iron drums of about 50...
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bismuth needle

Use: Used for manufacturing the bismuth products and bismuth alloys. Property: Light grey needle Particle Size: -100mesh,-200mesh,-300mesh Storage: Should be stored in shady, cool and ventilated warehouse. Kept far away from fire, heat source and...
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High Purity Metals 99.99% 4N Bismuth Metal Lumps Ingot for Industry Use

High Purity Metals 99.99% 4N Bismuth Metal Lumps Ingot for Industry Use 1. Regarding Bismuth, we can offer products Bismuth Powder 4n Bismuth Ingot 4n Bismuth Shot 4-6n 1-6mm Bismuth Needle 4n High purity Bismuth 5-6n Bismuth oxide 4-5n ITEM...
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bismuth oxide

Spec.: Bi2O3: 99.99% min. (metal based.) electronic grade usage: capacitor, varistor etc. crystal type: a-Bi2O3 needle shape. colour: light yellow. packing: 25kg bags then on pallet. size: F.S.S.S method: 2.0---3.0 micron. by laser, its d50 is 6-10...
Main Item bismuth trioxide/nickel oxide
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Bismuth (Ingots or Needles)

Bismuth ingots or needles, 99.997% min. The full specifications are: Bi 99.997% min Ag 0.0005% max Cu 0.0003% max Fe 0.0005% max Pb 0.001% max Sb 0.0003% max Ni 0.001% max Te 0.0002% max As 0.0003% max Each ingot has weight 10 kgs. Packing is in...
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Needle Shape Bismuth Trioxide

Molecular formula:Bi203 Molecular weight:465.96 Description: It is a yellow heavy powder and its average particle size is 20-40um and the density is 1.1-2.1gcm3;the crystal structure shows the isometric crystal form. Application: The Low Sodium...
Main Item Bismuth Salt
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Bismuth Ingot

Bismuth Ingot Purity:99.995% Origin: China Hunan We offer 4N Bismuth Ingot / Needle. We have associated plant in mainland China. Our capacity is 50ton per month. Premium quality. If interested, please contact for detailed offer
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