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Anti-bacterial phosphor free detergent for Dirui CS SERIES Biochemistry Analyzer Cleaner

Anti-bacterial phosphor free detergent for Dirui CS SERIES Biochemistry Analyzer Cleaner If you need samples, pls. feel free to contact whatsapp/wechat +8613957978247 Mindray 100% matching Suitable for Dirui Series Suitable Model Item NO. Product...
Main Item Hematology, Immunoassay, Biochemistry, Coagulation and ISE solution analyzer.
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Small and cheap Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer,Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Small and cheap Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer,Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Introduction: Biochemistry Analyzer measures biochemical indexes by analyzing blood and other body fluid, then combines with other clinical information, to help diagnose...
Main Item hematology analyzer, biochemistry analyzer, blood coagulation analyzer
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YJ-S5 Semi-auto Laboratory Clinical Biochemistry Analyzer

YJ-S5 Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer Features: 1.Back spectro photometry 2.8 standard filters 3.Large LCD, built-in thermal printer 4.Sold in the market for over 16 years, stable performance Performance: 1.Back spectro photometry, 8 hard membrane...
Main Item Ultrasound;Anesthesia;X Ray;Biochemistry;Hematology
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POCT system test immunoassay/biochemistry analyzer

Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer (POCT)-QB100 Clinical Application POCT immunoassay analyzer is used for in vitro detection of human serum/plasma/ whole blood/urine samples in hospital, assisting clinical diagnosis of myocardial infarction,...
Main Item Sperm Analyzer, Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer
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CNC-700 Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

CHARACTERISTICS *Absolutely open system both for programming and reagent *Real time curve monitoring, Reaction graph printable *On board quality control, 3 types of control, QC results stored for 3 months, QC plot printable *Self calibration and...
Main Item Centrifuges, PRP Tubes & PRP Kits, Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer, Coagulation Cuvettes, Prepared Slides
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MR-6020 Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

MR-6020 Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer System Function Type:Fully Automated,Random Access Chemistry Analyzer Throughput:200 tests/hour,up to 280 tests/hour with ISE(optional) Test Mode:End point,kinetics,Fixed time,Immune turbidimetry...
Hong Kong
Main Item IVD
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Fully automatic biochemistry analyzer DS261

DS 261 Fully Automatic Biochemistry Anazlyzer SINNOWA DS261 is a random access, high-speed fully automatic clinical chemistry analyzer, with intelligent multitasking software, automatic calibration, bar coding, innovative cuvettes washing station....
Main Item fully automatic biochemistry anaylzer
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Sunostik SUNMATIK 6020 200 Tests Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

200 tests por hour automatic biochemistry analyzer for clinical ,verterinary ,oenology ,beverage ,water ,food ,tabacco ,drugs of abuse and others Test speed: Thoughput 200test/hour Measuring wavelength: 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 494nm, 505nm, 546nm,...
Main Item Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
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HF240-300 Fully-auto Biochemistry analyzer

HF240-300 fully-auto biochemistry analyzer is a small mobile fully automatic quality instrument, with multiple analysis method, ideal for various tests in small and medium-sized laboratories and clinical centers. 1. Multi-channel post-spectro...
Main Item Biochemical Analyzer, Blood Coagulation Analyzer, Blood Cell Analyzer
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Ysd100 Hot Sale Automatic Medical Equipment Biochemistry Analyzer YSD100

est Items: The Types of Biochemistry Reagent Disc 1. 14Conventional Parameters TC,ALT,AMY,ALB,ALP,GLU,GGT,UA,AST,TBIL,UREA,CREA,TG,TP 2. 13 Health Check Parameters ALT,ALB, AST, AMY, CA, CREA, GLU, TBIL, CK,TG,UREA, PHOS, TP, GLOB* 3. 10 liver...
Main Item Ultrasound scanner, Patient Monitor, ECG Machine
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Multi-Function Auto Biochemistry Analyzer DP8038

For body health examination. Throughput:200 tests/h Theory: Absorption spectrometry, Transmission turbidimetry Methodology:End-point, Kinetic, Fixed Time, Nephelometer Parameters: 60 Reaction Time:no more than 15min Material of Cuvettes:special...
Main Item UrineAnalyzer, Auto Hematology Analyzer, chemistry analyzer
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High speed fully automatic biochemistry analyzer - MSLBA23

Could you contcct our sale manager.we will tell you the price,Please see our contact. SKYPE:msl_saler01 Mobile:+86 138 2644 8637 website: The test speed of our high speed fully...
Main Item ultrasound machine
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semi-auto biochemistry analyzer

semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer ,touch LCD screen, 7 wavelength from poweam medical systems 7 filters,8 filter position,ISO,CE approval WHY6000D ISO,CE
Main Item medical equipment
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Chemistry Analyzer

ANTARES 400S Semi-automatic Biochemistry Analyzer Features Back spectro photometry, 8 hard membrane filters, separate signal process circuit for each wavelength, filters select completed electronically, no mechanical movement. Hermetic solid-state...
Main Item Microplate Reader, Microplate Washer, Chemistry Analyzer, Coagulometer Analyzer, Hematology Analyzer, Hemoglobin HbA1c, Electrolyte Analyzer, Urine Analyzer.
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FA-120 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Features * Batch analyzer with stat function. * End point, kinetic, fixed time, bichromatic, serum blank, 1-2 reagent assays, multi-standard and all users programmable With liquid level sensor and automatic probe washing avoiding carrying over *...
Main Item Biochemistry Analyzer/ Hematology Analyzer
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Automic Biochemistry Analyzer

Biochemical Analyzer HTCA3060 use the Controlller Area Network CAN technique, analysis speed is 300 test/hour, 40 test items can be done by our biochemistry analyzers. 1.biomedical test equipment 2.accuracy,reliability,practicability 3.manufacturer...
Main Item hcg pregnancy, hiv, syphillis, TOX CMV RV test kit, Biochemistry Analyzer
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Auto Biochemistry Analyzer SA808 CE approved

SA808 is a fashioned, quick, multi-function automatic biochemistry analyzer. Adopting foreign advanced technology, imported key parts, it's specially designed against the reality of all leveled hospitals, all the working procedures of instrument is...
Main Item Biochemistry Analyzer, Microplate washer, (vacuum)pumps
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CARELAB® Biochemistry Analyzer

We CAREWELL are well known manufacturer, exporter, distributor & supplier of CARELAB- Bio-Chemistry Analyzers. CARELAB-200 Bio-chemistry Analyzers has in-built longlife 6 / 8 filters and based on open programme platform. User can programme up to 96...
Main Item Medical Equipments
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Main Item disposable syringe , infusion set (IV SET), blood transfusion set, sterile hypodermic needle, scalp vein set, infusion pump, Biochemistry analyzer, Electrolyte analyzer, Urine analyzer, Coagulation analyzer, Hematology Analyzer, Chemiluminescence, monitor
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MS-500E Biochemistry Analyzer

MS-500E Biochemistry Analyzer 1.Semi-automatic 2.retro-diffraction grating 3.Non-mechanical movement 4.Long life time bulb 1) Advanced grating, diode-array system and high sensitive detecting system 2) Easy-to-use operation program 3) Multi-choice...
Main Item hematology anayzer and biochemistry analyzer
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