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Universal Expansion Joint EH-810/810H

Material: Stainless Steel Nominal Bore: DN50-DN600 Movement: Axial:+-5mm; laternal:+-50mm Working Pressure: 16bar,16bar,25bar.. Temperature: max to 1000℃ Flange Standard: JIS,ANSI,B,S,JB.. OEM or ODM: Allowed Certificate: ISO Standard: EJMA...
Main Item flexible joint, flexible sprinkler hose, flexible tube
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Factory flange end galvanized bellow universal expansion joint

: ZHW’s expansion bellows Series EBF521 can withstand extreme variations in temperature ranging from very low to high temperatures i.e. from Cryogenic up to 600 °C. Stainless steel bellows are diffusion tight, have an excellent chemical resistance...
Main Item rubber expansion joint, metal bellow, metal expansion joint, rubber dredge hose, metal braid hose, rubber lining, duckbill valve, fabric expansion joint.
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Dilatation Expansion Joint

Dilatation Expansion joints are also known as Universal Tied Expansion Joints or Lateral Expansion Joints. Lateral Expansion Joints can able to absorb the movements occurred in two directions. Dilatation Expansion Joints are consisting of two...
Main Item Expansion Joints, Level Control Equipments, Flexible Metal Hose, Sprinkler
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In-Line Pressure Axial Bellows Expansion Joint (HHBN)

In-Line Pressure Axial Bellows Expansion Joint is the simplest assembly in family of expansion joint, consisting of one bellows, two weld ends and other components. It absorbs axial movements (a little lateral movements and angular movements),...
Main Item Bellows expansion joint
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metallic bellows expansion joint

YuTian has the most advanced bellow forming machine in domestic with the max forming diameter being up to 6 m. We can also design and produce special standard bellow expansion joint according to customer's requirements. Yutian has qualified with...
Main Item investment casting equipment, wax injection machine, dewaxing autoclave, metal hose, bellows, ladle, iron ladle car, precision casting machine, lost wax casting machine, fine casting machine, wax press, dewaxing autoclave, boilerclave, pressure vessel
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stainless steel metal expansion joints

Nominal diameter 1.5''-64'' Nominal pressure 0.6/1.0/1.6/2.5/4.0Bar Compensation 18-400mm Max. temperature -40-450°C Connection type flange Flange material stainless steel/carbon steel Flange standard ANSI/DIN/JIS/BS/GB Body material SS304/316L...
Main Item rubber joint dismantling joint compencator
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Expansion Joint - Universal Type

It is designed to absorb 3 directions displacement composed by 2 bellows, Tie Rod and center pipe. Axis direction displacement absorption Axis angular direction Angular Movement Pressure: 2Kg/㎠ ~ 30Kg/㎠ Temperature : 220℃ Application : Sinking of...
Main Item flexible sprinkler hose with fittings
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Axial Expansion Joints with floating flange

SIZE RANGE 1/2" through 24" diameter pipe sizes. AVAILABLE MATERIAL Stainless steel includes SS304, SS321, SS316L Note: other materials are available upon request MULTI PLY BELLOWS They are designed by nesting together multi ply, thin, concentric...
Main Item vibrant bellows, stainless steel exhaust bellows, hydroformed bellows
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Gimbal Expansion Joint

The gimbal expansion joint is basically the same as the hinge type, except that instead of being limited to deflection in only one plane, it can accept bending or angulation in any plane. It contains two sets of hinge pins or pivots, the axis of...
Main Item expansion joints, flexible metal hoses, corrugated tubes, non-metallic expansion joints, valve
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Rectangular Metal Expansion Joints

Ningbo TianYi Chemical Industrial(T.C.I) Co., ltd is a manufacturer and exporter We are mainly engaged in the research, development and manufacture of the metallic bellows expansion joint, non-metallic expansion joint, telescopic expansion joint,...
Main Item double sphere union
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Universal Expansion Joint

Nominal ID: Φ50 through Φ3000 (mm) Working pressure: 0.1 through 2.5 (MPa) Working temperature: -20 through 450 (℃) Service life: 1000 (times) s The Universal Expansion Joint is particularly well adapted to the absorption of lateral deflection. In...
Main Item metal bellows, metal expansion joints, metal flexible hoses, welded bellows, spe
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universal extensible joint(gas)

We design and manufacture according to the standard of "EJMA", ISO"9001-2000" and "GB/T 12777-2008". The diameter of the Metal expansion joints and Metal bellows we can manufacture is range from DN5mm to DN10000mm, and we have gained many...
Main Item bellows
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expansion joints

A double expansion joint consists of two bellows joined by a common connector which is anchored to some rigid part on the installation by means of an anchor base. The anchor base may be attached to the common connector either at installation or at...
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