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automatic corn doritos chips extrusion process machine

1. Automatic corn doritos chips extrusion process machine Doritos corn chips food is one kind of snack food which is made from corn powder, commercial flour doritos corn chips making machine adopts corn powder as raw material, makes food through...
Main Item snack food / pet feed machine
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Baby Nutrition Powder Process Machine

I . Introduction: Nutrition Powder/Infant Rice Powder Process Machines is use rice flour ,corn flour ,beans flour and other grains flour as raw material ,through extruding, and inflating, drying, crushing and mixing, produce all kinds of nutrition...
Main Item Snacks Food Machines
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doritos chips making machine

1. Description: The doritos/totilla/corn chips are kinds of snacks made from corn powder, which are cut and then fried. The main raw materials are corn powder, vegetable oil, salt and water. Although usually made of yellow corn(as pictured), they...
Main Item Puffed food machine
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Automatic Fried Snack Food Extrusion Machine

Fried Snack Extrusion Machine can make different kinds fried snacks (such as rice crusts, chips, bulges, pizza rolls, doritos) based on changing die moulds and manufacturing technique. The production process includes mixing, extruding, cutting,...
Main Item Core filling food / snack food processing line
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Doritos/Tortilla/Corn chips Process Line

The Doritos/Tortilla/Corn Chips are kind of snacks made from powder,which are extruded,cut and then fried.The main raw materials are corn powder,water,vegetable oil and salt.Although usually made of yellow corn, they can also made of white or red...
Main Item Snacks food Extruder
Business Type Manufacturer

Puffed Corn Snacks Machine

1. twin screw extruder 2. Corn, rice, wheat flour as raw material 3. Output, 150-500kg/h Automatic production line for puffed corn snack can take corn, rice, wheat, oat, rye and other grains as materials to produce extruded snacks, with crispy...
Main Item twin screw extruder, puffed snacks machine, pet food machinery
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Inflating Food Machinery----Double-screw Extruder

This kind of food extruder also called twin-screw extruder which uses grist as raw materials to produce all kinds of grain snacks foodstuffs, extrusion snacks, extruded pellets, rice bread, rolling snacks, cheese balls, corn puffs, crackers,...
Main Item food processing line
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