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Kombucha Ginger And Pear | ginger lime kombucha recipe | ginger kombucha whole foods

All Natural from Vietnam. We process juice fruits water from 100% Fresh water so it good for your health and more natural than. We can supply juice fruit water with very competive price and based on exclusive agent if the order is reaosonble large....
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Korean Honey citron tea Korean Honey citron tea Korean Honey citron tea Korean Honey citron tea

Korean Honey citron tea

-Product name : Sliced citron tea with honey -Main ingredient : citron sugaring 50%, honey 5% -Net weight : 1kg -Origin : Korea -Expiration date : 24 months -How to store : room temperature. (This tea should be kept in a cold place after opening.)...
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Green Tea Extract 50%-98% Theaflavin Raw Materials of Green Tea Polyphenols

Dear customers, how do you do? Our company is a professional OEM manufacturer of animal and plant extracts, cosmetics raw materials, fruit and vegetable powder and food health products raw materials. Our products have many kinds, complete...
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solar pest insect killing lamp at tea plantation

Benefit analysis: Apple orchard as an example, each lamp controls 2 square hectares, saving production cost USD1200.00(pesticide cotst USD960.00, Labor cost USD240.00), Saving apple loss 4500kgs, caculating USD0.48/KG, saving loss USD2160.00....
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Wild Grass Tea

The wild herb from Gangsan farm is made of the wild herbs collected from the clean nature of Bosung, Jeonnam, or cultivated by ourselves so that the cleaness and integrity can be guaranteed. The traditional drink fermented in the traditional...
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Turn-key project for tea drink, hot-filling drink, bottled water and beverage processing line

Being a high-tech incorporated enterprise based on Shanghai Light-industrial machine group, Shanghai Triowin Tech. Co., Ltd is specialized in providing complete lines of machinery and turn-key project for two major fields. 1.Turn-key project for...
Main Item Whole project for tomato paste processing line;whole project for paste, juice&vegetables processing line
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solar insect killer

solar insect killing lamp information: 1.Lamp: Light power:15W flourescent lamp,life span:5000 hours Voltage:DC12V Control area:1-4 hm2(square hectometers) light source: ultraviolet lamp, peak wave length 365nm Working temperature: -30C--+60C...
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Mini Health Electronic Cigarette

Model NO.: EKS-708 Product Name: Mini Health Electronic Cigarette Description: 1) No tar and other carcinogenic substance 2) Harmless to other and the environment 3) No danger of second-hand smoking 4) Smoke in a public place 5) Enable smokers to...
Main Item Led Light / Led Toy / Led Clock / radio / Penholder / Calendar / Calculator / Pedometer / Electronic cigarette / USB HUB / USB Fan / USB Flash Drive
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E Solid Liquid E Juice E Cigarette Liquid Over 300 Flavors for Bully Atomizers

E Solid Liquid E Juice E Cigarette Liquid Over 300 Flavors for Bully Atomizers Our outstanding advantage, your unique choice: 1. Top three E liquid manufactures in China 2. MSDS, FDA, ISO22000, GMP, TUV, JFRL, STC, nontoxic (Nicotine, Diethylene...
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