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Sell Up-conversion phosphor/Anti-Stokes luminescence and Organic fluorescent materials

Phosphors for UV lamp JUP-1810 SrB6O10:Pb UV 313nm JUP-1820 BaSi2O5:Pb UV 355nm JUP-1830 SrFB2O3.5: Eu2+ UV 366nm JUP-1840 SrB4O7:Eu UV 368nm Up-conversion phosphor for various kinds of printing application, and will not have any worse effect while...
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Anti-counterfeit Anti-Stokes

Up-conversion Anti-counterfeit Phosphor is a luminescent material that converts different invisible infrared light into visible light. Making full use of technology advantage of Chinese Academy of Sciences, KPT is the first company in China that...
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Lasers for Up-Conversion Luminescence

Up-Conversion luminescence is within the long wavelength emission, continuously emitting wavelength which is shorter than the excitation light. Up-conversion luminescence is essentially an Anti-Stokes light, which means the radiation energy is...