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Anal examination instruments Medical Anal speculum (tube type)

Surgical Anal speculum (tube type) with light It is made of stainless steel, easy for sterilization. There is a light tube clinging to the anal speculum. So it can link with cold light source for illuminating through the fiber optic cable. When it...
Main Item Cold Light Source, High intensity, both brightness and flexibility which is a special source equipment for medical apparatus, as well as an equipment matching variety of endoscopes.
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Anal Speculum

The disposable Anal Speculum is used to spread tissue for anal examination. The blades can be moved apart from each other. It enables the user many options including observing, easy cleansing and douching. The Anal speculum is invividually packed...
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Vagina/ Nasal/ Anal Rinse Kit

Vagina/ Nasal/ Anal Rinse Kit (Douche) convenient, anti-contamination, deep cleansing, sufficient volume STRUCTURE The product is made of medical polymer material and composed of liquid storage bottle, pump head, rinse tube and connecting tube....
Main Item Sterile Water for injection, Co-trimoxazole tablet, Amoxicillin capsules, Ceftriaxone for injection, Ciprofloxacin tablet, Dexamethasone injection, Omeprazole capsule, etc medicine and Medical Device
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