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ZJN Sludge Drying Equipment Triple pass for Active sludge drying

ZJN Sludge Drying Equipment Triple pass for Active sludge drying Technical introduction Active sludge is a general name for microbial community and organic and inorganic matters. Active sludge is discovered by British Clark and Gad IN 1912. Active...
Main Item energy saving drying machine
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Sewage treatment control cabinet

Sewage treatment control cabinet. SBR is a Activated sludge wastewater treatment technology operated by intermittent aeration, it calls industry: Sequencing batch activated sludge treatment system. Siemens SBR control cabinet collected data process...
Main Item power distribution equipment
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activated sludge cultivation for effluent treatment in wwtp and stp

Introduction Aerobic Bacteria is a consortium of vigorous and specific microbes that are good at degrading organic pollutants and can effectively help to maintain the outlet parameters of effluent within limits. Biological reformulated from...
Main Item Wastewater treatment bacteria
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Methyl Palmitate  Eco-Solvent  methyl palmitate 112-39-0  methyl ester fatty acids

Methyl Palmitate Eco-Solvent methyl palmitate 112-39-0 methyl ester fatty acids Methyl palmitate was found to partially biodegrade within 24 hours when inoculated with a mixed activated sludge in a Warburg respirator. A close structural analog to...
Main Item oleic acid, methyl oleate, ethyl oleate, propylene glycol, epoxy fatty acid methyl ester, composite plant ester, ESBO, ATBC
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DSR80G High Requtation Activated Sludge Aeration Blower

DSR80G High Requtation Activated Sludge Aeration Blower Product introduce DSR80G High Requtation Activated Sludge Aeration Blower adopts the advanced technology of Japan, its air capacity is 0.3m3/min-272m3/min, the pressure is from 9.8Kpa to...
Main Item Roots Air Blower, Multistage Centrifugal Blower, Grinding steel ball, Forged Flange
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Commercial Bio Reactor Effluent Treatment Plant

high efficient wastewater treatment method, and MBR membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment is a combination of a suspended growth biological treatment method, usually activated sludge, with membrane filtration equipment, typically...
Main Item Reverse Osmosis Plant
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UF High packing density tubular membrane for wastewater treatment
UF High packing density tubular membrane for wastewater treatment UF High packing density tubular membrane for wastewater treatment

UF High packing density tubular membrane for wastewater treatment

KAIMI MEMBRANE experience: Kaimi has taken many project of landfill leachate treatment in China. It’s a mature technology, use our tubular membrane as external membrane bioreactor and combine it with biochemical process. It can remove 80%~90% BOD,...
Main Item MF membrane, UF membrane, ceramic membrane, tubular membrane
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MBR-1 Membrane Bioreactor for sewage treatment system

MBR-1 Membrane Bioreactor for sewage treatment system MBR is a kind of new technology for waste water treatment by combining membrane separation technique with activated sludge method. It can be used for municipal sewage and industrial waste water...
Main Item dissolved air flotation, oil water separator, mechanical bar screen, acid mist absorber, spray tower scrubber, MBR sewage treatment plant, Marine compact domestic sewage treatment plant, Domestic sewage treatment plant, sedimentation tank
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Industrial Small Coal Cow Chicken Manure Coconut Copra Sludge Wood Chip Shaving

Sludge dryer is one professional drying equipment produced by the mining machinery manufacturers, which can be used in processing some materials such as sludge, magnetic ores, concentrate ores of metal and non-metal, the clay of cement industry and...
Main Item rotary kiln, ball mill, dust collector, conveyor
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activated sludge pump

We, South of China Pump Service Industry Co., Ltd, is a national enterprise specializing in supplying and exporting quality pumps to end-users and distributors all over the world. It was a construction and engineering department, belonging to...
Main Item centrifugal pump
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MBR Package Plant for Wastewater Treatment

A membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a wastewater treatment process combining membrane filtration with biological treatment. This innovative technology offers several advantages over the conventionally activated sludge process. Among these advantages are...
Main Item MBR Filters
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Ceramsite profile Ceramsite filter material is made of high quality clay, clay, adhesive solvent, such as the mass of grinding, screening, calcination, with a hard surface, internal pores and high porosity.Aerobic activated sludge as inoculation,...
Main Item Abrasive media
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Fine Bubble Diffuser

High efficiency fine bubble diffuser 1. Bio-logical wastewater treatment. 2. Aquatic products. 3. Fishery spot. 4. Activated sludge systems. 5. Sequencing batch reactor. 6. Municipal wastewater treatment plants. 7. Industrial wastewater treatmnet...
Main Item aquaculture equipment
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Disc type silica aerators fine bubble

The Aeration tube is a new type of oxygenation aerator and the core equipment of A/O process (activated sludge biochemistry technology). It can be applied to every position of the sewage pool. It is featured by easy and convenient installation and...
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Stainless steel cam rotor pump

Stainless steel cam rotor pump LQ3A stainless steel sanitary cam type double rotor pump is a multi-purpose two-way positive displacement pump. The professional manufacturing technology and manufacturing precision of the products have reached the...
Main Item Chemical pump, axial flow pump, forced circulation pump, centrifugal pump, slurry pump
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Dual Sludge KNR (Kwon's Nutrients Removal ) Process

Raw wastewater and return activated sludge from aeration tank and clarifier flow into UMBR where the concentrated sludge layer is formed under the surface. Supernatant flows over to the aeration tank. Media are packed in the aeration tank in order...
Main Item UMBR (Upflow Multi-layer BioReactor)
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Water-recovery Equipment

Waste water treatment Our company developed continuous membrane filtration (referred to as CMF) technology is a new membrane separation process. Through the modular structure design, the use of staggered flow filtration and intermittent automatic...
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Metallic magnesium powder pressing machine

Introduction The machine can be used to press coal powder, iron powder, coke, mineral powder,iron ore fines,metal dust, mill scale, iron oxide skin, carbon powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin clay,activated carbon, Coke breeze and other...
Main Item charcoal machine , carbonization furnace
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Sludge dryer

Sludge drying machine can be widely applied in activated sludge drying, sludge drying, sludge drying, sludge drying, petrochemical, printing and dyeing, tanning sludge drying, sludge drying electroplating sludge drying, municipal sludge drying,...
Main Item dryer, mine mill, crusher
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mbr water treatment with equipment room mbr water treatment with equipment room

mbr water treatment with equipment room Product Overview This machine is developed on the basis of operational experience of sewage treating device at home and broad with advanced biological treating method, while combining our own research and...
Main Item water treatment equipment & water treatment chemical
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