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Factory supply 99% Copper tripeptide/GHK-Cu powder CAS 89030-95-5

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Factory supply 99% Copper tripeptide/GHK-Cu powder CAS 89030-95-5

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Common Name Copper tripeptide CAS Number 89030-95-5 Molecular Formula C14H21CuN6O4 Molecular Weight 402.91600 Exact Mass 402.10800 PSA 186.03000 LogP 1.04530 USAGE Copper tripeptide (GHK-Cu), a naturally occurring tripeptide, is...
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Product name: GHK-Cu(1:1) CAS NO.: 89030-95-5 Sequence: Gly-His-Lys.Cu2+ M.W: 402.92 M.F.: C14H22CuN6O4 Description: The human peptide GHK-Cu was isolated in 1973 by Pickart as an activity in human albumin that caused old human liver tissue to...
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New Type Bactericide enilconazole 35554-44-0 Antimycotic Imazalil Fungicide

Pharmaceutical Raw Material New Type Bactericide Enilconazole 35554-44-0 Antimycotic Imazalil Fungicide CAS Number:35554-44-0 Name:Imazalil,Enilconazole Formula:C14H14Cl2N2O Molecular Weight:297.20 Synonyms: Enilconazole;CGA...
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