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Industrial brewing equipment 5 barrel brewery

5barrel beer equipment Brewhouse system Different Combinations of brewhouse system: -2 veseels: Mash/lauter tun +Brew kettle/whirlpool Mash/brew kettle+Lauter/whirlpool -3 vessels: Mash/brew kettle+Lauter tun+Whirlpool tun Mash tun+Lauter tun+Brew...
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200L Craft Beer Brewery

Configurations: German Style 1. Mashing & Boiling Kettle: Effective volume 200L 2. Lauter & Whirpool Tun: Effective volume 200L 3. Wort Pump: 2000L/H*1Set 4. Dual stage plate heat exchanger: Area 4 m2 5. Control cabinet: Manual/Semi-auto/Auto...
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10 barrel brewing equipment

10 barrel brewing equipment Product Overviews Our Services Before-Sales Service 1. Layout Design for new build brewery Our experienced engineer( more than ten years) will provide the detailed layout according to your brewery, if needed, we will fly...
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50L beer brewing equipment

The micro beer equipment mainly suit for laboratory brewing ,home DIY brewing, micro beer brewery plant brewing ,beer pubs & restaurant brewing etc . The special flavor craft beer can meet the needs for personal drinking , direct selling or packing...
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500L craft beer brewing equipment

1.Mash/lauter tank a.Used for the malt mashing and wort filtrating b.Material adopt stainless steel 304,double wall SS304 c.Welding and polishing processing on surface welds grinded to Ra 0.6um d.Inner equip with 360 degree omni bearing cleaning...
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Introduction Habio cellulose was produced by Trichoderma species using modern genetic engineering technology, microbial fermentation technology, and advanced post-processing techniques. It is composed of multiple ingredients and can degrade...
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Metal shredder

This metal shredder is an advanced fine shredder, it is made base on the past experience on manufacturing shredder and absorbed the advantages of various shredders and fully applying the theory of collision, cutting, impacting and grinding. With...
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