Temperature SMS Alert Controller

GSMS-THR-S is a standalone temperature controller sending sms alarm on temperature alert. It is built with AC/DC power adaptor and rechargeable battery for non-stop operation. [detail] It is a gsm sms alarm device with temperature sensor. It sends...
Main Item Temperature SMS Alert Controller, Temperature & Humidity SMS Alert Controller, SMS Alert Controller, Temperature Solar Panel SMS Alert Controller, SMS Alarm Receiving Software, SMS Server Software, SMS Management System, SMS Data Logging Device, Linux DVR
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2 wire conventional smoke sensor detector fire alarm

1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION The detectors are photo-electronic detector uses a state of-the-art optical sensing chamber. This detector is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with most conventional fire alarm panel. Two LEDs on each...
Main Item smoke detector, gas detector, heat detector, UV flame detector, panels
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Big Screen pH/ORP Meter Hot Sales High Accuracy

Big Screen pH/ORP Meter Hot Sales High Accuracy Online Water Monitor Instruments APPLICATION Suitable for online monitoring of pH or ORP in purified water treatment, environmental protection water treatment, electroplating solution monitoring,...
Main Item ORP Monitor Meter, EDI Module, Reverse Osmosis Integrated System
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Westinghouse 1C31192G01 Speed Detector Process Control PLC

1B30023H01 Ovation Module Hart End Line Module 2 1B30023H02 Ovation Module Hart End Line Module 2 1B30035H01 Ovation Module Hart Terminal Module 2 1C31116G04 AI PMOD analog input PMOD WITH temperature sensor 8 1C31122G01 Ovation Digital Module...
Main Item HMI, LCD, Inverter
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KR311B Oxygen Analyzer

KR311B Oxygen Analyzer Product description: KR311B (C/D)oxygen analyzer is a newintelligentindustrial online analyzer developed by using the principle ofelectrochemical detection, using imported high-performance electrochemical sensors and new...
Main Item gas chromatography, gas analyzer
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ZDYG-2088Y Industrial Turbidity Sensor High quality

ZDYG-2088Y Industrial Turbidity Sensor Online turbidity sensors for on-line measurement of scattered light suspended in the degree of opaque liquid insoluble particulate matter produced by the body and can quantify levels of suspended particulate...
Main Item PH Meter/Sensor Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
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high-quality pressure gauge

with pressure sensors(4-20mA),pressure transmitters(4-20mA,0-5V,0-10V)and temperature thermocouple,the relay signal output of which is involved with current or voltage transmitter,RS485 or RS232 telecommunication. The product adopts humanistic way...
Main Item pressure sensor , temperature sensor , pressure gauge , level sesnor
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PM20T High temperature Pressure Transmitter

PM20T is made from high temperature silicon piezoresistive sensor chip. The piezoresistive sensor chip is packaged in a fluid-filled cylindrical A wide range of process connection and electrical connection options are available to meet almost...
Main Item strain gages load cells pressure transducers temperature transducers level tran
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M30 Analog output sensors

M30 Analog output sensors for logistics packaging industry, with temperature compensation, better resolution. s: 1) Multiplicity appearance 2) Compact volume 3) High repeat orientation precision 4) Many output form 5) Strong protection distribution...
Main Item proximity sensor, photoelectric sensor, limit switch, safety light curtain
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GSM GPRS 3G Temperature Logger

Model: S260 S261 Name: GSM GPRS 3G Temperature Logger Keyword: Wireless GPRS Temperature Monitoring, GSM SMS Temperature Monitor, 3G Temperature monitoring system, wireless outdoor temperature monitoring system. Temperature SMS alert. wireless...
Main Item GSM SMS Controller, GSM GPRS 3G M2M, GSM GPRS 3G RTU Automation, GSM GPRS 3G Telemetry Data Logger, GSM Elderly care, GSM 3G Senior Telecare, GSM 3G Senior Telehealth, GSM Security Alarm
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A High-Precision Measurement of The Safety Light Screen Sensor Infrared Barrier Controller Measuring

TECHNICAL PARAMETER Protection Height Distance of optic axis*(Qty of beam-1) Reaction Time ≤15ms Detection Range 30~3000mm,30~6000mm Interference of Light 10000Lux(Angle of incidence≥5°) Appearance Dimension 36×36mm×Jmm(J is the length of...
Main Item safety light curtain(safety sensor)
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Pressure Transmitter- PT218B Standard Type

Competitive price high performance small size, stable,0.5%FS Stainless steel Wide application 4-20mA 0.5-4.5V available Feature and Application Combined Error less than ±0.5% Stainless-steel sealed Small volume, OEM available Excellent stability &...
Main Item Sensor, pressure sensor, pressure transmitter, pressure transducer, melt pressur
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Introduction: The Rosemount 3144 Temperature Transmitter provides superior accuracy, stability, and reliability - making it the industry-leading temperature transmitter used in critical control and safety applications. The 3144P can be ordered with...
Main Item Rosemount Pressure Transmitter
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Bubble Water level sensor\ Pressure type water level gauge HC.WQX20-1

Bubble Water Level Sensor (HC.WQX20-1) DESCRIPTION: Bubble water level sensor is high precision, high reliability, high intelligence,free cylinders, free logging, maintenance-free, anti-vibration, long life. It is especially suitable for the flow...
Main Item Bubble water level sensor , radar water level gauge
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HR-W constant pressure water supply pressure sensor

Range: 6;10;16bar Safe Overload: 2 times Supply Voltage: 9-32VDC Output signals: 4-20mA Accuracy: ±1%FS,±0.5%FS Operating Temperature: -20--+80C Pressure connection: G1/4,G1/2,ZG1/2,M20*1.5 Material: Liquid compatible with stainless steel House...
Main Item pressure sensor, pressure control
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Wholesale VOC transmitter

F2000TSM-VOC transmitter is specially designed to detect IAQ level in space environment and transmit the linear output with o~10VDC or 4~20mA for the IAQ measurement. The ventilation systems can be worked based on the IAQ level to improve the air...
Main Item CO2 /co2+voc/CO/Ozone/temperature/humidityController/monitor/Room thermostat
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Detcon Model MCX-32 Integrated Alarm & Control Systems

Detcon Model MCX-32 is a multi-channel integrated control system with a capacity of 64 active channels. It can receive and supervise inputs from a wide range of field devices with either a 4-20mA DC or serial output. The standard serial protocol is...
Main Item gas detector, combustible gas siren, photoion gas detector, oxygen detector and ana
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Pd Flow Meter-Oil Flow-Gas Flow-High Accuracy Flow Meter

Diesel oval gear flow meter, Digital oval gear flow meter( Pd flowmeter; Gear flow meters) Oval gear flowmeter with LCD, digital oval gear flowmeter, positive displacement flowmeter have 4~ 20mA output and reset function, oval gear flowmeter can...
Main Item level gauge, level sensor, level switch, level control, water sensor, ultrasonic sensor, level indicator, tank level, level controller, float switch, sight glass level meter, level transmitter, tank gauge, liquid level instruments, level gauge indicator
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Ultrasonic Level Meter ULM-200C

ULM-200C is an ultrasonic non-contacting level meter designed sensor and transmitter in one housing by an explosion-proof structure. The measurement range is 8 meters. It is two-wire loop-powered product. The sensor housing material is PVDF. Its...
Main Item Ultrasonic Level Meter, Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter, Ultrasonic Sludge Le
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Fuel level montoring Function and ultrasonic fuel sensor,Gps Tracker Type vehicle fuel level sensor

DS1309B is a ultrasonic fuel tank level sensor, featured with non-drill hole on tank by attaching to tank bottom. Easy installation and detecting most liquid (diesel, oil, water...) level with ultrasonic technology. Technical parameters: Operating...
Main Item sensor proucts
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