Silane coupling agent Phenyltrimethoxysilane 2996-92-1

Product No.: QP-921 The Equivalent Products to other Manufacturers:Wacker XL70,Dow Corning Z-6124,Shin-Etsu KBM-103,Momentive A-153,Evonik 9165 Chemical Name: Phenyltrimethoxysilane,Trimethoxysilylbenzene CAS No.: 2996-92-1 EINECSNo.: 221-066-9...
Main Item silane coupling agent, silane coupling agents
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Phenyltrimethoxysilane Appearance & Color: Colorless transparent liquid Molecular Weight: 198.29 Flash Point:86°C Melting Point:-25°C Specific Gravity:1.06 Boiling Point:211°C Refractive IndexnD20 :1.4734 Phenyltrimethoxysilane reacts faster with...
Main Item Silane Coupling Agent, Silane crosslinking agent, Silane Coupler, Silane Crosslinker, Slilicone Oil
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Tantalum products

Product Dimension Specification Ta&Ta alloy plate (1.0-5.0)*1000*L GB3629-06/ASTM B708-92 Ta&Ta alloy sheet (0.1-0.9)*650*L GB3629-83/ASTM B708-92 Ta&Ta alloy foil (0.01-0.09)*110*L GB/T3628-1995/ASTM B708-92 Ta&Ta alloy tube (0.5~50)*0.2-5.0*L...
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