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Anti-coccidiosis veterinary ingredients clopidol 98% cas no.:2971-90-6

Veterinary Nicarbazin 330-95-0 DecoquinateEconazole Nitrate 18507-89-6 Clopidol 2971-90-6 Diclazuril 101831-37-2 Dinitolmide 148-01-6 Fine Chemicals Triphenyl phosphine(TPP) 603-35-0 Hexamethylphosphoramide(HMPA) 680-31-9 Chlorobenzene 108-90-7...
Main Item triphenylphosphine, nicarbazin, pregablin
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Product Name: Clopidol Synonyms: 3,5-dichloro-2,6-dimethyl-4-pyridino;ClopidolMeticlopidol;coccidiostatc;coyden;coyden25;methylchlorpindol;meticlorpindol;CLOPIDOL CAS: 2971-90-6 MF: C7H7Cl2NO MW: 192.04 EINECS: 221-008-2 Product Categories: Food...
Main Item IVERMECTIN, in Abamectin, Emamectin, Ivermectin, Eprinomectin, Doromectin, Fluazuron
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Feed Additives Veterinary Medicine High Quality 12%, 25% Clopidol Premix / Pure Clopidol Animal

Feed additives veterinary medicine High Quality 12%, 25% Clopidol Premix / Pure Clopidol animal Specifications:Pure, 25% Premix. CAS NO.:2971-90-6 Characteristics: Pure:White or almost white;Odorless;Slightly soluble in sodium hydroxide, very...
Main Item Probiotics, Enzymes, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Organic Selenium, APIs, and Premix veterinary drug
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Product name: Clopidol Cas No.: 2971-90-6 EINECS NO: 221-008-2 Formula: C7H7Cl2NO M.W.: 192.04 Characters White or off-white powder with odorlessness. Slight soluble in methanol and ethanol, insoluble in water, acetone, ethyl ether and benzene,...
Main Item agrochemical and veterinary products
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Rounding Vibrating Screen

he vibrating Screen is specially designed for separating aggregate in the quarry. It is widely used for classifying materials into various sizes for further process in areas like mining, building, energy, chemical, coal, hydropower, food...
Main Item crusher, sand maker, grinder mill
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