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Zeolite 4A

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Assay report Product Name Zeolite 4A Produce Date JUNE. 5th, 2010 Test Date JUNE. 8th, 2010 Index Appearance scentless and flavourless white powder with good free flowing Loss on Ignition (600℃±10℃, 3h) ≤16% Whiteness ≥95 PH .....
YES Silver

HY Zeolite

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Product Description: HY Zeolite is a kind of silicon aluminate whose framework contains hydrogen ion that replaces sodium containing in the framework of Y-type zeolite. It is used in the production of Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalysts. .....

Prime Quality 4A zeolite / Zeolite 4 A

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4A Zeolite General formula: AmBpO2pnH2O (A: Ca, Na, K, Ba, Sr); B(Al and Si) Description: White powder, insoluble in water. Functional use: As molecular sieves, filters, adsorbents, catalysts, drying agents, cation exchangers, disperse .....

4A Zeolite

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Huiying Chemical Industry(Xiamen)Co., Ltd Huiying Chemical Industry(Xiamen)Co., Ltd is a professional zeolite manufacturer in southern China. ZEOLITE 4A DETERGENT GRADE 1. C.E.C Ca Ion exchangecapacity: 320+/ -10mgCaCO3/ g 2. White grade(w=y) : .....

4A Zeolite as raw material for detergent powder

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Huiying Chemical Industry are one of the largest 4A ZEOLITE manufacturer in Southern China. Our 4A Zeolite quality is very high grade, and size is only1-2um. Now, Over 80% supply for P&G Asia/ Japan Kao. So you don't worry for our quality. Parameter, .....
HY Zeolite,LAY,USY

HY Zeolite,LAY,USY

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Dear Sirs We can supply HY zeolite, Lay zeolite, USY zeolite, Catalyst raw materials, ZSM-5 molecular sieve, RFCC, RCC Catalyst.SAPO-34 molecular sieve, Y zeolite, 4A molecular sieve, 3A molecular sieve, 5A molecular sieve, Flokite, send your email to .....

Zeolite Filter Z-160B

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product description: Z-160B is a new generation of water cylinder filtration equipment, our company devote to the Magnetic suspension design to enhance the function of the adsorption of organic matter and thus reduced the incidence of inorganic .....
Zeolite for Water treatment

Zeolite for Water treatment

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Product name: Zeolite Type: Natural clinoptiloite Appearance: White or Pale Green powder and granule Size: Powder: 60mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh Granule: 0.6-1.2mm, 1-2mm, 2-4mm, 3-5mm, 4-8mm Specification of zeolite: Absorbing Hydronium .....


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CLAY GRANULES FOR WATER TREATMENT / WATER PURIFICATION / LANDSCAPERS Manek Active Clay offers Best Quality Clay granules for Water treatment plants, water purification, waste water purification, mineral water, drinking water, gardening, .....

LiLSX zeolite

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NO:WS501237 Product NameLiLSX zeoliteSequence NO: QuantityBuyer Test MethodTest by Wish Chemical Lab PropertyUnit IndexResults Static Water Adsorption (25 RH50%)%3232.54 Li Exchange%98.599.15 PH1110.25 Attached Water (550 .....
4A Zeolite Powder Detergent Grade

4A Zeolite Powder Detergent Grade

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Product Description 4A zeolite is the major builder of none phosphorus or low phosphorus detergent, which can be used to displace STPP. we have been specialized in 4A Zeolite Detergent for 20 years and have successfully cooperated with P & G, .....
4 A Zeolite Powder

4 A Zeolite Powder

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4 A Zeolite Powder Appearance is white powder. Has excellent whiteness. Has good dispersibility. Undissolved in water. Has good Ca ion exchange property and compatibility. This material is mainly used as the detergent additives to get soften .....
Zeolite fertilizer product

Zeolite fertilizer product

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We have over 20 Million tonnes of Zeolit fertilizer products for sale at reasonable price from our parent company Florinvent, Romania. Our Zeolite products are highly effective to agricultural crop growth, and we have also our Zeolite powder for .....
Fafaco Enterprise [Senegal]
zeolite for agriculture

zeolite for agriculture

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Zeolite Filter Media Zeolite (zeolite) is a family of zeolite mineral body, it is a kind of aqueous alkali or alkaline earth metal aluminium silicate mineral. According to the zeolite mineral characteristics into frame shape, flake, fibrous and .....

zeolite 13x molecular sieve 13x

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molecular sieve 13x Specification: 1.Static adsorbed water% 25.0 2.Attrition rate%0.10 3.Stacking density g/ ml0.66 4.Qualified rate of particle size %98 5.Package water content %1.5 6.Static adsorbed CO2 %18.0 Application: .....


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Product name: Zeolite Type: Natural Zeolite, Clinoptilolite Zeolite Appearance: White or Pale Green powder, granules Size: White Zeoltie: Powder: 60mesh, 100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh Pale Green: Powder: 60mesh, 100mesh, 200mesh Granula: 0.5-1, .....


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We are manufacturer and exporter of foolowing Products FLUORSPAR ZEOLITE

Sell Zeolite

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Dear Sir, We are manufacturer and seller of Natural Zeolite. Clinoptilolite : 92-96 %
4A Zeolite powder

4A Zeolite powder

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4A Zeolite Powder Synonyms: Zeolite 4A, Na 4A Zeolite, Linde Type A, LTA, Na aluminosilicate molecular sieves, Zeolite. Specifications: ITEMS STANDARD WHITE GRADE(W=Y): % ( ≥95 ) IGNITION LOSS: (800±10, 3H) ≤18.0 PH(SOLUTION 1%, 25): .....

Molecular Sieve, Zeolite, Catalyst

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As a worldwide supplier of catalytic and adsorbent materials, we manufacture and sell various molecular sieves (zeolite), including ZSM-5, MCM-41, Al-MCM-41, SAPO-11, SAPO-34, Beta and other types. These materials can be used as catalyst and .....

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