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Distilled Water Distillation Equipment

1.Good quality in cheap price 2.CE.ISO9001 3:Save time 4:10 years experience 5.OEMMain structure features: 1. This product adopts quality stainless steel and is made out of advanced technology and art. 2. The cooler is made of seamless stainless steel ...

High quality Water Distiller dental equipment

1.Voltage: AC110-120v 50-60Hz;AC220-240v 50-60Hz 2.Power:750w 3. Heater efficiency>95% 4.Water measurement>1L/H 5.Capacity: 4L 6.Size:290*260*450mm 7. G.W: 3.5KG Dental Hospital,Dental Clincs,Army and Outdoor Care or Treatment Establishment

Waste Motor Oil Distillation to Base Oil Decoloring Converting System Series BOD

This machine can produce the base oil, diesel & gasoline from black dirty engine oil, waste lube oil, crude oil, waste plastic oil, and waste rubber oil after through catalytic distillation.1. Easy to operate, 1 ~ 2 workers can easily operate the ...

Water distiller (WS 303)

Water distiller1. Distills 630c.c. of water at first hour and every succeeding hour 2. Easy to fill: removable reserve tank that's easy to carry and refill 3. Makes 4-5 gallons of pure water per day 4. Distiller shuts-off automatically when enough ...

China drinking water exhibition

2013 IHWE China (Beijing) International Healthy Water Industry & Water Environment Industry Expo China drinking water exhibition Date: September 5-7th, 2013 China drinking water exhibition Venue: Beijing National Agriculture Exhibition Center Website: ...

Cleaning system using a Distiller

There are increasing trends of restricting the production or use of  T.C.E. or chlorinated solvents, which have been widely used so far, or enforcing stricter relevant regulations around the world because these products can be attributed to...


FRESH WATER GENERATOR GASKET AND PLATES JWP - Single Stage Fresh Water Generator The JWP series converts seawater to freshwater by vacuum distillation for use on ships and rigs or at remote onshore locations. This single-stage automatic series is ...

Laboratory 2L Mini Rotary Evaporator for Vacuum Distillation

ZY-R-1001VN 0.5-2L Rotary Evaporator for purification distillation test rotates and shapes a thin film in negative pressure condition by heating, evaporates efficiently, and then condenses and recollects solvent to purify and separate.The products ...

Multi-function Base Oil Distillstion BOD series black dirty engine oil purifier/lube oil purifier

Series BOD Waste Oil Distillation & Converting System can produce the diesel & gasoline from black dirty engine oil, waste lube oil, crude oil, waste plastic oil, and waste rubber oil after through catalytic distillation.1. Easy to operate, 1 ~ 2 ...

Steel Distilled Water Equipment

TS Series Distillation Apparatus TS Series Distillation Apparatus (Tower Type) Usesage: Producing distiled when in laboratories. Characteristics: 1.Made of quality stainless steel through stamping Ar-arc-welding, with smooth surface. 2.Corrosion and ...

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SZ Series Automatic Water Distiller

The Series of SZ Automatic Water Distiller is made of superior quality glass. The process of distilling water doesn't touch any metal and the heater adopts quartz glass materials. In the first、second and third distilling process, there are .....

Heater for Water Distiller Model WS-303

WS-303 Heater is a small but durable heater. Its power rating is 600W
Date: Jul 28, 2009


are you looking for water distiller?please visit The stainless steel electric automatic distillation water heater is specially designed for medicine, plating, lab and sanctuary use. Using tap water, it is safe, stable, capacious,.....


Operating principle To achieve fresh water for drinking and washing, vacuum distillation system is normally use in the isolated place such as on ships or on islands. The.....

Automatic water still

Specification Model SAWS-1004 SAWS-1008 SAWS-1012 Capacity 4ℓ/ hour 8ℓ/ hour 12ℓ/ hour Heater(L x D x H) 3kw 6kw 9kw Cooling .....
Shin Saeng Scientific Co.,ltd
Date: Dec 28, 2010
Shin Saeng Scientific Co.,ltd


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Wisdom Trillion Enterprise

Established in 1990 and has exported to Australia, America etc. Our main product is water distiller that is manufactured by our manufacturing plant base in MALAYSIAWe can cooperate with company on the OEM basis.Welcome enquiry!
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer

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Water Distillation Apparatus

-distilled water production rate: 1.6L/hr approx. -heater: quarts tube heater -raw water filter: wind cartridge -power source: 220V AC, 60Hz, single phase