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YD Oil-immersed Drum Motors

YD Oil-immersed Drum Motors

YD Oil-immersed Motorzed Pulley is manufactured on WAT'advanced technology,and it is one of the most advanced motorized pulleys in China.The Oiled Seeped motors are much more efficient than their counterparts,so the pulleys are lighter and much more .....


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YD Oil-immersed Motorized Pulley

Drum motor YD type oil-steeped drum motor is produced as know-how of the design from W.A.T Co. of Germany.Compare with same domestic product,YD type has a lot of advantages such as high efficiency , light weight,low noise,long service-life,and widely ...

Vitamine Machine

- It is operated with aluminum Injection reducer at 0.37 & 0,55 Kw power, from 14 rpm up to 150 rpm. - 71 type GAMAK or WAT brand electric motors can be used with the machine. - The Speed control device is Telemecanique Altivar ATV 28HU09M2. - ...

500 w Electric Atv 4 wheel

Electric atv motor 4 wheel for playing500 wat , 48 voltmotor : 500 watt , 48 v distance per charge : 30 kmplaying in garden or ringsBlack - Red

AF-800 Automatic Hydraulic Filters

These automatic hydraulic filters combine the advantages of high quality filtration from different water sources (sewage, reservoirs, rivers, lakes, etc.) with self-cleaning feature, offering the customer a continuous water supply. The filters are ...


length of shaft dim A is 100mm front extension dim B is 25.0mm measured with shaft pushed to plastic end cap end play 0.1-0.6 mm direction of rotation:anti-clockwise when viewing motor output end with positive voltage applied to positive terminal ...