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pet food machine

pet food machine

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1.Series of twin screw inflating extruder are consisting of conditioner, feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, heating system, gearing system and controlling system
2.Conditioner is designed as the advanced technology biaxial differential modulator. It can higher the materials temperature, make flour materials softer, lower the materials' friction . Thus reducing the extrusion power consumption, increasing the output, improving the stability of the extruder operation, prolonging life of t the whole extruder unit.
3.Feeding, main driving device, and rotary cutting device adopt inverter to adjust the speed with more powerful drive, stable running, and low consumption.
4.Automatic lubrication system, cooling, to guarantee the extruder running safely and prolong the life.
1.According to different material, to choose the relative single or double screw feeding system, the material should be stable and uniformity
5.Screw is made of alloy steel 38CrMoAl with long life. Segmental assembled screws are applied to more kinds of materials and products.
6. Double-screw extruder can clean itself automatically