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Sell Velcro stripping machine

Description: Velcro Tape Production Process: Raw Material---> Warping ---> Loom Weaving ---> Dyeing ---> Hook Side & Loop Side Handling Hook Side: Coating & Setting ---> Hook Cutting Loop Side: Loop Brushing ---> Coating & Setting ---> .....

Velcro Machine (hook cutting, loop brushing, stripping)

Dear Sir, Glad to hear that you're on the Velcro market. This is Selina Zhang, from QYFLOOM, manufacturer for Looms, and Velcro machines, such as Hook cutting machine, Loop Brushing machine, Velcro stripping machine, etc. We specialize in this .....
Date: Jul 30, 2012

PFL-690 Automatic computer velcro tape cutting machine

Model:PFL-690 Stronger and higher quanlity PFL-690 is More advanced than PFL-619,It has more stronger control systems and higher quanlity. Features: 1. Easy Operation,It can cut automaticlly once set up the cutting length and quantity. 2.Self .....
Date: May 8, 2015

Crochet Machine Velcro Crochet Knitting Machine

Crochet Machine, Crochet Knitting Machine, Lace Crochet Machine Used to make every kinds of lace, band, bandage, elastic, etc. Introduction: 1. VG830/B8 can manufacture elastic and non elastic bands, medical bandages and fancy lace, the.....

high speed shuttleless velcro machine

KGF-855A High Speed Shuttleless Velcro Machine Features: 1) The Yarn feeder has an integrated wall-panel structure and runs stably. 2) The Belt is very easy to adjust. 3) The Front six flanges matched with special triangle healed yarn and hole.....
Changli Textile Machinery Co.,ltd
Date: Jun 16, 2008
Changli Textile Machinery Co.,ltd

nylon zipper machine,reed cutting machine,straight knife cutting machine X-7810

Computer controlled cutting machine X-7810,Velcro cutting machine,nylon cutting machine. High quality & low price! Features: -High speed: It can cut 100~120 cut per minute. (50mm long) -Accuracy: Cut-length is accurate cwing to a stepping motor .....

velcro cutting machine

1.Ultrasonic cutting 2.No fray and scorch 3.High accurcy in 1mm Ultrasonic Velcro cutting machine is specialized in post processing of velcro.This design solved both the problem of non-smooth,lose-side,which is the disadvantage of traditional .....

Velcro laser cutting machine

Velcro is the ideal alternative when it comes to fixing something quickly and then opening it again. The last few years have seen this material being used in an ever increasing number of applications The structure of the material makes .....

Used velcro tape making knitting machines for sell.

Nishaw (Machinery) International Co, LTD. (FAR EAST CORP) Uinjongbu 2Dong 432-26 9/4 3rd Floor. Khyonggi-Do Zip:480-012 South Korea. Tel:82-31-8740375 / Fax:82-31-8740378 / Mobile:82-16-7857375 Dear Sir, .....

TNG12 Velcro Fatigue Testing Machines

Through the apparatus to achieve Velcro (hook & loop) to repeated stripping and peeling After a certain times .Cut the sample into 75x 20mm with press it with the wheel to be fitted completely.use tensile machine (another purchase) to measure its .....

cold velcro fabric cutting machine

Factory Information: Kunshan Nekon Machinery Co., LTD was founded in 1997, located in the beautiful Kunshan International Mold Equipment Area in China. Kunshan Nekon is a high technical private enterprise owing independent import-export operation .....
Kunshan Nekon
Date: Nov 12, 2011
Kunshan Nekon

GT-C38 Velcro Fatigue Tester

Velcro fatigue tester, Velcro tester. Velcro fatigue testing machine, Velcro testing machine. Through the apparatus to achieve Velcro (hook & loop) to repeated stripping and peeling After a certain times .Cut the sample into the wheel to be fitted .....

Automatic plastic pvc tube cutting machine

Usage: It can cut kinds of product to 0-9999.9mm length pieces, like insulation paper, hot fix tape, also it can cut velcro, elastic, zipper, insulation tube,plastic tube, rubber tube, shrink tubes, teflon tubes, flat cable, copper wire, magnetic .....

Velcro and Stick-On Abrasive

Back sides of these abrasives are coated with velcro cloth or self-sticking film depending on customer demand. They are usually cut diametrically. They are good at surface polishing and machining on wooden, plastic and metal materials and they can .....
Date: Jan 19, 2013
Category: Hardware | Abrasives

webbing velcro cutter

CF-120R velcro cutter this machine is special use to cut all kind of shape velcro of webbing according change different mould shape. it's automatic to finish to cut through the input the length and quantity and inprove your efficiency.

Velcro Cable Ties,Magic Velcro

It is used to bind the wires, computer inserting units, gadgets of electricity machines and accessories This product is applicable for wire looping, such as all kinds of wiring fittings and engrafting work in orchard, with the advantage of strong .....
Date: Jul 7, 2011
Category: Apparel | Velcro Tapes

Mechanic Gloves

Mechanic Glove AYE-2181 (1)- Synthetic Leather Palm (Amara) with Gripped Material Patches. (2)- 4_way fabric in Blue color on Back & Neoprene fabric on Knuckle. (3)- Adjustable elastic cuff,Velcro closer strap. (4)- Machine Washable.
Date: Aug 28, 2012

Floor polishing machine

Applications: Completely gear driven system for a superior duration and reliability without belt transmission ensuring long life. quick shift polishing tools with magnetic disk and velcro to save the time. Pretreating and leveling concrete surfaces .....
Date: Aug 1, 2012

Car Velcro Wool Cutting Pad

It's made of australian high counts caddice(knit wool to it),weave the 100% wool to the Textile Material by using flocking machine,and then mould,high tempreture,press to finish a course of production. It fills domestic blank and the quality of.....

Sell Boxing Gloves

Art # AE-105 "TOP TEN" MADE WITH COWHIDE GENUINE LEATHER. Filled with machine mold. 3" Velcro closer , Embroidery Logo with Printing Logo. Size : 12 OZ
Allied Enterprises
Date: Jan 31, 2011
Allied Enterprises