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Siemens valve positioner Sipart ps2 6DR5110-0NG00-0AA0

Standard or Nonstandard: Standard Pressure: Medium Pressure,1.4 ... 7 bar (20.3 ... 101.5 psi) Power: Pneumatic Material: Stainless Steel Temperature of Media: Medium Temperature Media: Gas Place of Origin: Germany Model Number: 6DR5010-0NN00-0AA0 ...

Siemens valve positioner 6DR5110-0NG00-0AA1, valve positioner, positioner, smart valve positioner

Hot Sales SIEMENS Smart Electric Valve Positioner SIPART PS2SIPART PS2 positioners offer decisive advantages: - Simple installation and automatic commissioning (self-adjustment of zero and span) - Simple operation with - Local operation (manual ...

WTL2000 series of electric valve positioner

1, compared the series positioner and the WTL-100 has advanced compatibility, interchangeability of applicable scope broad. 2, start big power, fast action, force balance based on the multi loop, uneasy oscillation, action quite stable performance. 3 ...

GEMU Valve Positioner 1435000Z30201

The digital electro-pneumatic positioner detects the valve position with an external LongLife travel sensor. It has a solid housing with protected operating keys and an easy to read LCD display. The operating times can be set by integrated throttles. ...

MSP-26 Smart Valve Positioner for control valve

MSP-26 Smart Valve Positioner made of Explosion-proof structure. It controls the valve opening degree in response to an Input signal of 4~20mA from controller or control system. Built-in microprocessor can control the valve opening degree accurately ...

V-regulating ball valve

V-ball valve is a kind of rotary stop valve of which ball core has V-gas.Its use with valve positioner can realize proportional control.Size:1" ~ 16"(DN25 ~ DN400) Rating:ANSI 150lb ~ 300lb Body Materials:Forged carbon steel, Forged Stainless Steel ...

Fisher Valve DVC5020

DVC 5010/AC DVC 6010/AC DVC 5030/AC DVC 6030/AC 67CFR-26 4211 4-20mA DVC2000 HC DVC2000 AC DVC6010 3582i 4211 Serial no:0017222843Size 45Type 667 rv4105 :3610J Fiher 4210 "Spring range Recommended 5-35psi Actual0 0-35psi fisher controls 67CFR-237" ...

Valve Positioner (YT1000R, YT1200R)

Valve positioner Sorts: Electro-pneumatic, pneumatic Size: YT1000R, YT1200R Explosion-proof class: ExiaIICT6(NEPSI) Protection class: IP66 Rotary: 0-90 degree Mounting bracket: Stainless steel Warranty: 2 years

Pneumatic valve positioner

We developed and produced the YT-1000 series mechanical valve positioners based on the design ideas of block structure and multi-port function and the advanced technology of explosion proof . The YT-1000 series mechanical positioners including P-P one ...

Electric V-port ball valve

Rotary gap cut off valve is a ball core with a V shaped ,valve with the valve positioner supporting the use of proportional control can be achieved. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, metallurgy, water treatment and other ...

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Smart Valve Positioner for control valve

MSP-21 Smart Valve Positioner controls the valve opening degree in response to an Input signal of 4~20mA from controller or control system. Built-in microprocessor can control the valve opening degree accurately and realizes the functions of auto .....
Azbil Yamatake AVP300-PSD2D-2XXX-X Valve Positioner

Azbil Yamatake AVP300-PSD2D-2XXX-X Valve Positioner

Grandly Automation Ltd Email: grandlyauto(at) Azbil Yamatake: AVP300-PSD2D-2XXX-X Q455C MTG15A-065 PJ1 LS FABA-XX-X AVP302-XSD3A-ICYU-X SLX110Z XOV-28-41-011 GTX 60G-BAAADCB - AF1AXB3 - R1W1 ATT70-H42-MAD-BC R-M6P99-41-01 .....

Invensys Foxboro Eckardt---CONTROL VALVE POSITIONERS

Invensys Foxboro Eckardt---CONTROL VALVE POSITIONERS SRD960/SRD991/SRI990/SRI983/SRI986/SRP981/SMI983 SMI983 Electrical Position Transmitter The electrical position transmitter SMI983 converts the linear or rotary movement of a valve/actuator .....
GEMUE valve&flowmeter&positioner

GEMUE valve&flowmeter&positioner

GEMUE is known as the market leader in developing, manufacturing, and selling engineered diaphragm valves since the establishment of our German headquarters in the early 1960's. GEMUE products are well known for their modular design, high .....
ABB valve Positioner ;V18345-1010220001

ABB valve Positioner ;V18345-1010220001

Positioners We offer a complete family of cutting-edge valve automation products to suit your needs. Our ever-expanding family of products includes a complete line of actuators, positioners, damper drives, and converters with a variety of .....


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Shenzhen Morc Controls Co., Ltd

SHENZHEN MORC CONTROLS CO., LTD is a high-tech auto-control valve manufacturer based on the integration of research and development, production, engineering support and sales. We are a manufacturer especially in valve positioner, solenoid valve, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Respon Flow Control

Wuxi Respon Flow Control is a group company with integration of R&D, production and sales. It is oriented with export and OEM. At present, there are two factories and a trading company under the group. The factories respectively produce water pumps ...
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

ChangShu Huier Petroleum & Chemistry Industrial Instrument Co., Ltd,

ChangShu Huier Petroleum & Chemistry Industrial Instrument Co.,Ltd, a new- and high-tech enterprise, with the leading products of automation equipment and industrial instrument, mainly produces high performance valve positioner, electro-pneumatic converte
Business Type: Manufacturer

V.P. & Company

Suppliers of Pneumatic Control Valve, Valve Positioner, Self Actuated Pressure Control Valve, Bellows, Orifice Plate, Pneumatic Cylinder, Hydraulic Cylinder.
Business Type: Exporter

Shandong Jinglu Industrial Control System Co., Ltd

Our company passed standard attestation for ISO 9001:2000 QUALITY SYSTEM and European CE certification.Our company has rich experience in production technology , testing and inspection by offering specialized technical staff.
Business Type: Manufacturer