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Tropical Beer

Company: COMPANIA CERVECERA DE CANARIAS, a subsidiary of SAB Miller, the world's leading brewer, brews and distributes Tropical and Dorada, the two leader beer brands in the Canary Islands. Product: Pilsen beer from the Canary Islands.....
Date: Apr 06, 2008
Category: Food & Beverage | Beer


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Tropical Beer Bottle 75cl

Tropical Beer, Bottle 75cl, 4.7% ABV 100% Malt. No additives or preservatives 24 Cans per case 1,304 cases per 20ftAlso availalbe in 50cl Cans and 25cl Bottles

selling ice bucket wine cooler

Do you want have a cool cap of beer in tropical summer? Just have this ice bucket and some ice, you can do it wonderfully! Galvanized metal bucket Bottom diameter: 175mm Height: 180mmH Material: Stainless steel

straw roof

Our thatch roofing is made of synthetic resin, is a new landscape ideal material for roof decoration. It can be used for holiday ,resorts, promenades,beer gardens, beach front hotels, side-walk cafes, restaurants, swimming pools, etc. Its natural ...

Converting paper

1. self adhesive chromo paper 2. pearlescent paper 3. linen paper 4. glitter paper 5. destructible paper 6. security gummed paper 7. thermal paper, etc. Pura Converting Division creates new products with higher added value through advanced processing ...

Bitter Melon Extract Powder

English Name: Bitter Melon Extract Biogenic origin: South Asia, southeast Asia, China, and the Caribbean Part of used: fruit Active ingredient: Charantin Saponins Specification: 5:1 10:1 20:1 10% Test Method: TLC HPLC Appearance: Brown-yellow powder ...