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Since its beginnings in 2001, the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) has grown to become one of the region’s most recognized international invention and innovation expos. Now in its 16th year, MTE 2017 will be expected to showcase over 500 exhibits of platform inventions and innovations from inventors in Asia and beyond. MTE is the invention marketplace connecting inventors and their ideas to investors, manufacturers and distributors in order to promote commercialization and collaboration.

MTE aims to uphold the high ideals of innovation and scientific progress, as the ideal platform for inventors, innovators and technopreneurs to establish their identity and promote innovative ideas that have the potential to change the world. Once again its concurrent awards programmes, the Invention & Innovation Awards 2017, Malaysia International Design Expo & Awards 2017 (mIDEAS) and the Asian Youth Innovation Awards & Expo 2017 will bring due recognition to the best in inventions, designs and innovations of the year. In fact, the awards at MTE have been a stepping stone for many inventors to achieve success in invention fairs around the world. These awards, which recognize excellence in innovative technologies and design, are organized and endorsed by the Malaysian Association of Research Scientists (MARS).

Exhibitors include Public and Private Universities, Research Institutions, Technical and Vocational Schools, Secondary Schools, Private Organisations and Individual Inventors. Visitors from around the region include manufacturing industries, engineering organizations, consulting companies, investors, businesses and individuals looking for solutions and innovations not only for product development and marketing, but also new technologies for better solutions and processes. MTE is also the bridge to foster academia-industry co-operation and promotes commercialization of innovations.

In view of the overwhelming response received in 2016, MTE 2017 promises to be an even larger event gathering together the best inventio

Show Profile Advance Material Agricultural
Audio Visual Equipment Biotechnology
Building & Construction Computer Networking
Computer Science & Programming Environmental Health
Finance & HR Solution Fire Science
Food Science Medicine & Pharmaceutical
Supply Chain System & Technology Architectural Designs
Automobiles & Automobile Accessories Home Appliances Designs
Household Electrical Products Fashion & Fashion Accessories
Packaging Designs Sports Wear, Equipment etc.
Information Technology Interior Designs or Spatial Designs
Lighting Designs Digital and Electronic Devices Designs
Futuristic Designs ICT & Information Security
Office Appliances Technology Engineering
Show Dates 02/16/2017 - 02/18/2017
Location Malaysia
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Organizer Protemp Exhibitions Sdn Bhd
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Business Phone 60-3-61406666