SELL Veratrine Solution Botanical Insecticide

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Oct 24, 2016 GMT
Veratrine Solution Botanical Insecticide Specification: 0.5%
This product is composing of various chinese traditional herbs and natural plants by means of biochemical industry. It does no contain any content of chemical pesticide. And it s a broad-spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity and long-acting pesticide. This product principally characteristic is dissociation easily--so has no pollution, no residual toxicity and without carcinogen, --and this product can stimulate plant growth and improve the quality of fruits. The product kills the pests mainly through contacting and produces stomach toxicity damage for pests. The product pass the censorship of Among and Amos experiment, it reveals negative reaction is LD50>10000mg/kg.
The product was registration in Agricultural Ministry of China, and was awarded Chinese patent, won silver-prize of Beijing International invention exhibition and gold-prize of Chinese Edison cup. It already got organic certificate in AFASSEQ of Japan and BFA registered product of Australia. The directory product was ranked in the important plan of HeBei province and Torch project of National Science and Technology Committee.
The effect is very salience on kills and preventing vegetable aphid, aphid gossypii, acaridan, armyworm, cabbage caterpillar, cabbage moth, pieris rapae, grass shopper, red spider, fruit moth, pear louse, etc. And it s can stimulate plant growth and improve the quality of fruits. So it s suitable to green project and has the strategic function of improving the soil and recovering its vitality. Use this pesticide, the vegetables and fruits can fundamentally guarantee the cleanliness of food. Thus preventing poison form entering the mouth; and especially in the exported foodstuff industry, it plays an even wider and greater role, as a result, the pests in the foodstuff and grains can be fundamentally prevented and eliminate during storage.
This product is belonging to low toxicity, had no mutagenic effect, which LD50 is above than 10000mg/kg by oral route and dermal toxicity tested on mouse and rarebit. When pests contact it, they will behave poisoning characters such as refuse fare, diarrhoea, rolling, and even to death.
The finished product is grass green liquid. The content of main ingredient Veratrine is more than or equal to 0.5%, other ingredients are alkaloid, plant volatile oil, solvent etc. The validity of the product is 24 months.

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