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Oct 04, 2010 GMT
Dear Sir,

We are Gold dealers here in Cameroon and will be very happy to work together with you in meeting our target of expansion in our mining site. We are having a total of 380kgs of Alluvial Gold Dust Available for sale right now and we are offering the product for $19,500 usd. We have put aside a commission of 4% of the total goods for any agent who connects a Buyer to us. Below is our Selling procedure and if you find it deem fit then pls contact us asap for us to move ahead immediately.
We have a valuable quantity of Alluvial Gold Dust for sale at a considerable price of $19,500 USD per kilo. Interested buyers are expected to contact the office without any delay for the FCO, (Full corporate offer). It is advisable also, even if you are not a buyer to search for one who may
echa valerie: buy our Product through you.

However, Commission is Applicable to agent only of total value purchase.

Thanks for your cooperation. We wait to hear from you and to establish a long lasting business relationship with you.

Best Regards,
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