SELL Tres-Orix Forte Syrup

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Oct 26, 2010 GMT
We produce Tres Orix Syrup, Tres Orix Forte, other Vitamins & supplement compounds in the following forms:

Vitamin A (tablet, capsule, injection), Vitamin B / Vitamin B Complex / Vitamin B12 / Vitamin B1 / Vitamin B2 / Vitamin B6 (tablet, capsule, injection, powder for injection, oral suspension), Vitamin C (capsule, injection, powder for injection, powder for injection, soluble powder, tablet), Vitamin D (injection, tablet), Neurozine (tablet, syrup), Tres Orix (syrup)


Tres Orix Syrup is a vitamin fortified antihistamine which increases the appetite. It increases fatty acid metabolism and allows the body to more efficiently use energy. Tres Orix effects multiple metabolic processes and is importent for hemoglobin formulation. It also maintains nitrogen balance and helps the body conserve calcium.

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