SELL Titanium Dioxide

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Aug 15, 2012 GMT
1. Name: Titanium Dioxide 2. Molecular formula: TiO2 3. Molecular weight: 79.87 4. Physical Property: In the white pigments which are used very often, in the relative density, titanium dioxide is small. Only rutile type has melting and boiling point, melting for 1850 degrees Celsius, boiling for (3,200 ± 300) degrees Celsius. 5. Chemical properties: Very stable, it is a kind of partial acidic gender oxide. 6. Specification: Anatase type, type of titanium sharpen A type, Rutile type, Rutile type R. 7. Appearance: Non-toxic white powder. 8. Usage: Used in paints, inks, plastic, rubber, paper, chemical industry etc. 9. Features: An inorganic white pigment, with non-toxic, non-transparent , the best whiteness and brightness. 10. Please contact : joanna(@) (no parentheses)
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