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Apr 14, 2009 GMT
skyrunner Jumping stilts are spring-loaded boots, it s like a cross between stilts and a pogo-stick. The stilt basically consists of two parts. An aluminum frame that you attach to your shoes with snowboard bindings and around your knee s with a strap. Second part is a flat and bent glass fiber spring. Our highest quality has been proven all over the world.
A new fashionable sport which is discovering body potential of moving, running and jumping.
It shows that in the authoritative research report of International Jump Sport Association: (The players will have rapid physical changes in a short period after practicing on jumping stilts).
1. Increase people's height naturally
2. Lose weight naturally
3. To run fast and jump high
4. Especially beneficial for kid and teenager players
5. The new champion will be born: "Jumping stilts" as equipment is full of entertainment. It will become a completely new and popular sport, and then a batch of sports stars will be cultivated soon.

6. Hope that the relevant organizations can promote "Jumping stilts" as Sports for all rapidly.
If you are interested in our product,please mail to xianhaitao1209(at)hotmailcom.
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