SELL Sex Spray Shark power 52000 Delay wet wipes for male

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Dec 14, 2015 GMT
Sex Spray Shark power 52000 Delay wet wipes for male
There’s quite a lot smegma inside the penis, it is really necessary to make a thorough cleaning before having sex to ensure the healthy and harmonious sexual life.Deadly Shark  Power Delay GEL is no doubt your best choice.  Main ingredients:honeysuckle flower,flavescent sophora root,Chinese goldthread,phellodendron bark,herb of wild mint,cloves,cnidium fruit and chrysanthemum. Health-care function:sterilization,eliminating offodour,prolonging time and invigorating yang.  Specification:0.5ml/tablet×50 tablets Direction to use:tear off the package,take out the wet wipes,and wipe the glans and coronary sulcus part 30 minutes before sex,it will keep effective within 90 minutes after use.If there’s hot and burning feeling after use,it is normal reaction.  

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