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Jun 21, 2013 GMT
Re: Sex Doll (BG-102)

The NEW & Ultimate in Sexual Reality This Love Doll is an affordable Sex Companion with SILICONE lifelike body for REAL Touch Sex (compare to the Real Doll starting $6000.00 !!) Kissable mouth! You can open the lips and use for sex as well. Vibrator and rotator are included. Moans and Groans just like a real lady!

Silicone DOLL's vaginal and anal cavities are made snug to accommodate any insertion. The silicone flesh is soft, slippery, and very elastic. Any petroleum or water-based lubricants can be applied to ease entry and the doll comes with a lubricant already.

The oral cavity is as snug as the doll's other entries. All of the Silicone DOLL's cavities allow deep insertions. The inside of the Vaginal and Anal entries made of a different type of silicone than the rest of the DOLL's body; These areas are much softer and feel very life-like.
Both vagina and anus are made to exact life like scale size

There are two holes in the Doll's bottom. The big hole is for the gadget (comes with the doll) that vibrates, rotates and makes lascivious sounds (moaning, groaning). The other hole is small and it is for a vibrator (comes with the doll).

The DOLL's vaginal lips can be stretched apart very realistically. The DOLL's Oral entry has a very soft and stretchy lips. A vacuum is formed inside the DOLL's entries which provides a very powerful suction.

o Silicone does not dry or rot like latex rubber. Silicone has the longest lifespan of any of the Room Temperature Vulcanized rubbers or elastomers. With proper care and maintenance, your Silicone DOLL should last for many years. The DOLL is durable, but in the highly unlikely event of a tear in the silicone flesh, you can easily repair the damage yourself with commercial grade silicone caulking, found at your local hardware store.
o Doll's weight: 45 lbs
o Shipping weight: 50 lbs
o Doll Size (L x W x H): 23" x 15" x 16"
o Outer Box Size (L x W x H): 24" x 16" x 17"

If you have any further inquiries please feel free to contact us.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

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