SELL Portable Rebar Cutter : ( TYC-NHD25 )

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South Korea
Standard Export Wooden Packing
CE Certificate
Posted Date:
Feb 27, 2015 GMT

TYC-NHD25 : Portable Rebar Cutter

Cutting Capacity: up to 25mm / 1.00inch
Cutting Speed: 4 Seconds
Power: Single Phase 110V~220V, 50/60Hz
Weight: 23kg/ 51lb
Dimension: 500(L) 157(W) 250(H)
Oil: SHELL Tellus #46

1. Lightly weighted (23kg / 51lb) & easy to carry
2. Powerful cutting performance (bar diameter: up to 25mm)
3. Rapid cutting speed: 4 seconds per cut
4. Simple & easy to use: one-touch type
5. All 4 edges of the cutting blade are usable
6. Lock screw for various sizes of rebar
7. Less operation noise
8. Electrically driven hydraulic system
9. Compatible with power supply at home