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Mar 29, 2009 GMT
R-300X Series Total Stations - Providing standards of excellence you just won't find anywhere else. We dare you to compare.

Versatile new R-300X series Total Stations from Pentax - available in both reflector(EX) and reflectorless(NX) configurations - handle measuring distances from 90m to 270m without prism with equal ease.

In many applications, the R-300X series can improve inspection efficiency up to 45%. The R-300X series Total Stations are available in five configurations,R-315EX(NX), R-322EX(NX), R-323EX(NX), R-325EX(NX) and the R-326EX with angle accuracy's of 2", 3", 5" and 6".

The R-300NX series use a Visible Laser that operates in a variety of measurement modes. This allows you to perform a wide range of measurement tasks with a cost effective, high performance mechanical Total Station.

R-300EX/NX Specifications
R-300EX/NX Manual

Precision at the speed of light
The R-300X-series from Pentax incorporates two precise user selectable lasers, made for high inspection throughput and improved measurement efficiency in any possible job. This makes the Pentax R-300X Total Station a versatile measuring system that brings you and your customers important cost savings.

These features, together with a measurement time of 0.4 sec in tracking mode and 1.2 sec in quick mode, contribute to an excellent productivity of Pentax R-300X total stations.

Simple operation
All functions are initiated from just five keys.
A function that keeps the operation intuitive and logical. Easy-to-use alphanumeric keys (10 keys) allow you to enter quickly specific characters, numbers and other information.

Large memory
The on-board memory of 20.000 measuring points (XYZ) allows you to handle efficiently any measurement and inspection tasks.
Max. 2.000 measuring points (XYZ) can be recorded in one job file.
The user can make up to 50 job files.

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