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Jul 08, 2009 GMT
The best way to break up rock without using explosive materials is by
drilling small boreholes into the rock and pouring an expansive
chemical agent into the holes. These chemicals are called "soundless
chemical demolition agents" or "non-explosive demolition agents." The
process can be done on a small scale with a boulder, or on a large
scale with a massive rock formation. It is controllable by the user,
who decides where to drill the boreholes in order to achieve the
desired effect.

"Soundless chemical demolition agents (SCDAs) have proven to be viable
substitutes for the use of explosives. SCDAs are powdery materials
that will expand considerably when mixed with water. This expansion,
when occurring under confinement, generates significant expansive
pressures. These pressures are sufficient to break up rock and
concrete when the SCDA is confined in a borehole or a series of
boreholes... The SCDA must be mixed with a measured quantity of water
and poured into the boreholes. It will then begin to hydrate,
generating heat and crystallizing while hardening and expanding. If
hydration takes place under confinement, significant expansive
pressure will result. The pressures can be of sufficient magnitude
that, after a period of time, they will fracture the confining
material. Depending on the type of SCDA, significant expansive
pressure may be generated as quickly as within 15 min., or as long as
within 24 hr."PLEASE CALL US AT 09343778229
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