SELL MTU 16V396,16V165,20V1163,12V956,10V2000,16V4000 marine diesel engine for military and civil use

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Jan 08, 2014 GMT
Qinhuangdao BF Marine Parts&Machinery Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd is the largest supplier of marine equipment and spare parts in China. Since year 1997, we cooperate with Chinese Munitions Factories in high speed engine field, supply imported and Chinese MTU,DEUTZ etc generator and parts, our product have been used for customs ship, destroyer, escort vessel etc military ship and public service ship, civil used vessel and land use facilities.
MTU products have small, light, large power,small vibration, low noise, low oil consumption, long operation time, good reliability, standard, high degree of commonality etc characteristics, widely used for military vessel, speed boat, tank.
At the end of year 2011,In order to answer to the superior's summon: Developing MTU civil products marketing, established MTU civil engine sales department. Get industries and superior s support. It s a sole approvaled company that can provide MTU civil engine as our leading products. And supply 16V165TE94 generator and power equipment for Chongqing Water PSB Police transport ship successfully within one month.

Civil engine Advantage.
1.Low price, such as 16v396(16v165),POWER:1960kw, the price is lower than other Chinese brand generator in same power, is 50% of military engine price
2. The components are also sales as civil parts, can save cost
3. Can extand overhaul period: military parts period are 6000hrs, civil parts are 10000hrs
4.Military and civil joint guarantee, more convenient repair: MTU has resident technical in China.

Main type of civil engine:
680kw-2240kw,1500-1900-2000rpm,MTU 396
MTU 8V396 , MTU 12V396, MTU 16V396 .
2640KW-4900KW,1500-2520-3360-4200rpm,MTU 956
MTU 12V956 , MTU 16V956 , MTU 20V956
MTU 12V1163, 16V1163, 20V1163
500kw-1790kw,1500-1800-2100-2250-2300-2450rpm,MTU 2000
MTU 8V2000, MTU 10V2000, MTU 12V2000,MTU 16V2000,
700kw-2720kw,1500-1600-1800-2000-2100rpm,MTU 4000
MTU 8V4000, MTU 12V4000, MTU 16V4000, MTU 20V4000

Other types:
183, 331, 362, 396, 493, 538, 595, 652, 672, 956, 1163 ,2000, 4000, 8000, MB833, MB837, MB838
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