SELL MIM Medical Components

Posted Date:
Jan 30, 2013 GMT
The early success of metal-injection-molded orthodontic brackets demonstrated the biocompatibility and corrosion resistance of injection-molded stainless steels and led to early instrument applications, including scalpel handles, jaws and clevises for biopsy forceps. New applications include more complex devices for minimally invasive surgery, especially laparoscopic instruments for grasping tissue, cutting, and suturing. Those instruments use more and more injection-molded stainless steel components to increase design freedom and to lower manufacturing costs. 17-4PH parts via MIM are typically produced to a density of 7.6g/cc (nearly 98% of wrought product). With post-sintering heat treatment, a high hardness (typically> 40HRC) can be delivered. The photo shows a range of surgical instrument components produced by Eversun using 17-4PH alloy. This set of components requires very tight tolerances with the hole position being confined to a ±0.02mm zone.
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