Maxman capsule for male enhancement

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MAXMAN was researched and developed by USA Technology. It is a famous health care product especially for function kidney complementing and aphrodisiac pill for men, and it contains 12 net natural plants with the function of improving males sexual enginery. It was researched and developed by scientists over 10 years hard working, by fusing the most advanced purification technology in the world and international top production equipment. It carefully abstracted the marrows and then produced this supplementary food for men, and it has functions of nourishing kidney, reaching effect of aphrodisiac and enlarging penis. It can help you to be true man in a short time. This product which brought happiness to innumerable men has been sold thousands and million after it launched in Asia.

Mechanism Function:

This product belongs to long effect pill, it has a marked male hormone activity with albumen assimilation and stimulate marrow hemopoiesis, accelerate blood cell grow and sperm producing.

Scope of using: This product is fit for those with functionality sexual impotence and prostates caused from neurasthenic or spirituality, it also can treat those sexual impotence caused by diabetes etc.

Notice: 1.This product is inapplicable for minors;

2. Do not take again this product within 24 hours.

3. this product effect can last for 3-5 days.


This product is absorbed by lymph, and it does pass though liver, so liver function will not be affected by it, without any influence to be liver function.

Usage and dosage:

One pill of this product effect can last for 3-5 days and it can permanently improve men sexual performance.

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Mr. Charles Lv
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Company : Shanghai Chinai Trading Co. Ltd.
Address : NO.5, BLD 288, South Hu Ting Rd, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
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Telephone : 86-021-6769-8315
Fax : 86-21-6769-8315
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