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May 10, 2013 GMT
Dear Sirs,

We are very proud of supplying the impeccable LPG conversion kits in the most competitive prices.
Considering the those problems of fuel energy contingency and environmental pollution.
LPG is Eco-friendly fuel whose price is much lower than major fuels.
And LPG has the least smoke emission while giving the similar fuel efficiency that gasoline / diesel fuel have

Available types:
1. LPG kits for motorcycles, tricycles or ricksaws
2. LPG kits for automobiles
2. LPG kist for generators

We are able to supply all parts (complete set) or

only the core vaporizer and mixer( venturi-tube) according to buyers' specific needs.
other minor parts could be purchased from buyers' local areas to save the cost.
As Korea is the strictest country in applying gas-related law sand regulations for safety standards,

So, once any LPG kits are approved by Korean authorities concerned.
Then those Korean LPG kits can be sold safely and comfortably to anywhere without any slightest danger

No need to go to LPG gas station, any endusers can refill LPG gas with their daily using home base LPG gas tank

i.e. even though where there is no LPG gas station,
our kits are always applicable by using home base LPG gas tank
We are seriously seeking local big partners mostly in Asean counties where there are hugh markets for bikes' (Tricycle or rickshaw, ) LPG kits
When you contact us,
Please be sure to advise us your email ID so that we can send more details to you.
We do not respond to personal order inquiry, only reply to business inquiry that can meet minimum order quantity.

We are expecting serious inquires.

Warm regards,

Lesley Jean

Free Member since Jan 04, 2013
Ohmah Co., Ltd
609-503 daehwa 2nd st. 121 west ilsan, goyang, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea

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