SELL LCD Freeze-Dry Machine

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Mar 31, 2009 GMT
Model 18 LCD Freeze-Dry Machine

  Model-18 LCD Freeze-Dry Machine is a set of mini-type table equipment, which is suitable for the freeze-dry test and smack production
of lab samples. The freeze dryer with the programmable control and baggage shelf to heat up, it uses the PID adjustment, precisely controls temperature, the man-machine contact surface uses the large screen liquid crystal screen. By the curve and the data, it provides to the user related freezing and drying advancement and more information at the same time, also it has communication connection on the top machine.
  This series has four types: Ordinary, Top-press, Multi-pipeline ordinary, Multi-pipeline Top-press.
  These four types all have pre-freezing function.
Technique character:
  (1)Liquid crystal display: Clapboard temperature curve, cryotrapping temperature curve, sample temperature curve.
  (2)deposited 32 program, make 36 segment each programs, correction program data in computing, memorize the drying curve finally.
  (3)tangibly screen control the function keys, no operation keys, reduce the wrong operate, improve the instrument of reliability and stability.
  (4)circuitry adopt PID adjustment, make the control accuracy more exactitude.
  (5)imported compressor, syntactic refrigerant, good fast, good dryness.

Technique index:
Temperature:<-60 Centigrade Degrees, -80 Centigrade Degrees(optional)
Freeze-dry acreage:0.18-0.27m2
Water-Capture Capability:6Kg/24h

Material Tray standard:
  Diameter 240mm space between 4 layers 80mm (in bulk)
  Diameter 240mm space between 6 layers 50mm (in bulk) optioned
  Diameter 200mm 3 layers (Bottled, mental top-press optioned)

Freeze dry time: about 24h(material thickness 10 mm)

Sample tray
Ordinary:Stainless steel sample holder with special design, can option the space between layers ,can enactment the number of layers, the diameter of material-dry tray is 240mm,four layers; install the material about 2000ml(material thickness 10mm).
Top-press: The diameter of material-dry tray is 200mm, three layers; four layers; install the material about 1500ml(material thickness 10mm), or placed 255 bottles, the diameter of 22mm.
Freeze dry time: about 24h(material thickness 10 mm)
Freeze dried bottle:hang 8 the bottles at most, have four specification:1000ml,500ml,250ml,100ml,independent assortment accord of the needs, the process of freeze dry renew the freeze dried bottle, freeze dry series of the samples, good fast, short time, easy and simple to operate. Equip the freeze device, make the sample freeze a thin layer structure, make for the water sublimation.
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