ipl equipment for ance treatment

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ipl equipment for ance treatment
1.Light source:Intensive pulse light
2.IPL energy:10-50J/cm2
3.IPL frequency:1s,2s,3s,4s
4.Pulse space:5-60ms
5.Pulse duration:2-15ms
6.IPL power source:1000W
7.Light spot area: 12*30mm2/15*35mm2/15*50mm2
8.Cooling system: semiconductor+ water+ wind+ cooling gel
9.Input power :AC 220V(110V)/ 15A 50HZ(60HZ)
10. Machine Size: 40*40*60cm
IPL machine is intense pulse light equipment.
With Selective Photothermolysis, it is applied to remove hair, pigmentation spots etc, as well as skin rejuvenation.
Physical stimulated effect: IPL acts on the skin and occurs actinochemistry, this can bring interior molecular structure change of corium layer collagen textile fiber and tension textile fiber, restore the original elasticity. Moreover, it produces light hot function to strengthen the blood vessel뭩 function too, and improve circulation. This can eliminate wrinkle and shrink pore.
IPL series Equipments can be explained by optional light pyrogenation. The melanin absorbs short wavelength light of 250-1200nm, maximum absorbing values of the bright-red chemical complex of hemoglobin and oxygen are 418nm, 542nm, 577nm. Therefore, it can be absorbed easily and transported to the collagen layer. 530nm waveband light releases from the probe, which produce pyrogenation of the collagen fiber. Collagen fiber can absorb large light of 400-600nm, also including some light of 530-1200nm releases from the probe, which will result in the injury of the collagen fiber, enhance the activation of the cells and the collagen synthesis. Repristination of I collagen and III collagen which contains in blood vessel. Then, skin rejuvenation treatment will be effective on pigments dispelling, telangiectasia lightening, fine wrinkle lightening, shrinking pores

1. Hair removal
2. Spots removal: fleck, Sunburn, age pigment, chloasma etc
3. Eliminate the wrinkle, perfect and smooth
4. Breast enhancing
5. Spider vein dispelled. Bottle nose, red spot treatment
6. Shrink sweat pores, Ance, comido and acne ascars
7. Activate the increase of collagen albumen and renew the elasticity of skin
8. Improve the coarse skin on the body obviously
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