SELL Gable Top Carton Filling Machine

30 Days
Wooden case
Not Avaliable
Posted Date:
Nov 09, 2014 GMT
Valid Until:
Dec 31, 2011 GMT
Product Description Gable top carton filling machine is suitable for filling pure milk, yogurt, peanut milk, soy milk, and a variety of pure fruit juice Gable top carton filling machine Features: 1. It is applicable for various specifications. 2. It owns intellectual property rights and many patents rights. 3. The machine is made by closed stainless steel and the move of cartons, top welding and bottom welding are driven by cams. 4. High automatization; Simple process; Easy maintenance. 5. This machine is a dual-purpose machine and it can also apply to paper-AL-PE laminated materials and TTM paper (plastic-paper-plastic laminated materials ) 6. The machine uses HTST (high temperature / transient) sterilization, normal temperature filling to ensure the preservation of content for a long time.
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