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Jul 11, 2007 GMT
Chacha is Georgian national drink. It has been using as a method of giving strength, vivacity and good mood from immemorial time. It is traditional to apply distillation process of rest products of wine, fermented by any kinds of grapes for producing Chacha in Georgia.

We use only Saperavi growing only in Kindzmarauli zone for producing Chacha Vakhtan Kikabidze , by full distillation of which all most important organic materials of the grain coat, mildness, and grape stone goes to liquid mass. Besides, mineral materials, organic acids, polyphenolis, antioxidants and other materials are brought to the distilled mass from wine that is prophylactic means quite necessary for health of each of us.

Their is high contain of alcohol in Chacha produced using the mentioned technology (40-42%), aroma of grapes and taste of new Saperavi wine are harmonically combined to each other and Chacha is light and pleasant to drink. Crystal cleanness and firmness of the product is reached by processing and cleaning of activated coal and by conducting the coal filtration during bottling. On any stages of producing Chacha, due to current organoleptic and chemical control, preservation of its high quality is fully guaranteed.
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