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Dec 27, 2011 GMT
Product Description Vitamin C content of strawberries is 1.5 times of orange, 10 times of apple.. Strawberry 6~7 capsules a day if you get all the vitamin C is necessary Especially Maehyang variety has been developed for export from Korea's unique flavor and tastes excellent in hardness. Product Feature BERRYLICIOUS is Premium & well know Korean Strawberry brand mainly export to Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. BERRYLICIOUS brand made by “ Strawberry Export Specialized Organization in Korea. BERRY LICIOUS producuts are consist of all members obtained certification of GAP and environment-friendly agricultural products. Product Specification / Models M L 2L DX 1.4kg - 16g ~ 20g 21g ~ 25g 26g~ 2.0kg 10g ~ 15g - - - 1.4kg-330g * 4Pack , 2.0kg – 250 * 8Pack
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